Love lessons we've learned from ‘Kimye’

We've spent an awful amount of energy criticizing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's highly publicized relationship. But as with many public unions, two prevalent opinions typically exist: approval or disdain. Despite any controversy surrounding this famous pair, the two offer some invaluable lessons regarding the universal state of romantic affairs. Check out these popular points of contention and see if you agree.

They dress alike.

When we first saw Kanye and Kim "booed up" and wearing the same sneakers and color palettes, we cringed. Lots of people criticized him for giving his girlfriend a complete style makeover. But she seemed all too happy to embrace his suggestions. Dressing alike may be considered a juvenile move. But in Hollywood, it's not entirely unusual. Just look at couples like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who have coordinated their edgy styles into synonymous harmony. Ashton Kutcher and current ladylove Mila Kunis have even been spotted wearing the same T-shirts. As corny as it may seem, morphing into your lover's "twin" speaks volumes about the desire to become completely in sync.

He's become an honorary Kardashian, sort of.

Since the two became an item, they've been practically inseparable, with West even making appearances on her reality show. But there was one place he wasn't quite welcome…yet: the Kardashian holiday photo. That's because according to the clan, only married partners can grace the infamous "Khristmas" card. Scott Disick gets a pass having fathered two of the Kardashians' youngest family members. But the lesson to be learned here is that even though the tight-knit group accepts and likes Kanye, certain boundaries still exist, which is something that many women fail to enforce in dating.

She's still married to Kris Humphries.

We've been so caught up in what Kimye are up to that we've forgotten that the reality queen is still legally married to Kris Humphries. Apparently, this is no big deal in Hollywood. But it's not so much her marital status that we should pay attention to, but rather that she chose Kanye as a rebound. Despite any bad press they've received from previous mates, these two have evidently been attracted to and harboring feelings for each other for quite some time. Much debate exists regarding the "friends first" adage. But in Kimye's case, their previous affiliation appears to have grounded them as a couple, so much so, that they're now welcoming a child together. And look at the bright side: as Kim's divorce from Humphries drags on into 2013, there's a chance the child won't technically be born "out of wedlock."

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