10 Best Things About Being Single

POPSUGAR Love & SexSource: 10 Best Things About Being Single

Forget Valentine's Day - earlier this week in China, they celebrated Singles' Day! We rounded up some of our readers' thoughts, and added in a few others, to come up with the 10 best things about being single (illustrated with GIFs, for added fun). Warning: if you're in a relationship, this story might make you miss being single. And feel free to add what you love about being single in the comments.

  • Dating: Checking out restaurants, movies, museums, or sporting events with a potential love interest (or multiple love interests) can be a lot of fun.
  • Flirting: Being single means you can flirt guilt-free! You're also free to kiss anyone you want!
  • More Free Time: Single? Now's the time to read a good book, take that yoga class, learn how to cook, learn a new language . . . The list of all the things you can do with your time goes on and on.

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  • More Friend Time: Nights out with your girlfriends have a different spirit when you're single!
  • Never Fighting With a Significant Other: An argument with your significant other can never ruin your day when you're single.
  • Getting More Sleep: Many women say that when they're dating someone, they tend to get less sleep. Plus, when you're single, you don't have to worry about snoring!
  • New Crushes: You can't look forward to your first kiss when you're already in a relationship!

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  • Not Being Tied Down: Want to travel the world? Eager to take a promotion or go to grad school in another city? When you're single, you're free to do these things without regrets or logistical headaches.
  • Time to Focus on Other Goals: When you're not putting energy into a relationship, you have more to spend on furthering your career, running a marathon, or whatever your goal might be.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: It's exciting to not know exactly what the future holds for your love life and beyond!

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