10 Couples Vacation Ideas from Men

Guys spill what they want to do on vacation with you.Guys spill what they want to do on vacation with you.We asked guys what makes a summer trip with you a home run. Their answers were a little all over the map, but we did notice one common theme: When it comes to vacations, most guys are all about action (in more ways than one).

By Annie Daly

"If I'm away with just my girl, I'm hoping she will want to do something active - water sports, hiking, whatever. I love any kind of adrenaline-pumping activity." -Andrew B.

"As much as I love vacationing with my girlfriend, sometimes it's nice to spend one day each doing our own thing. She loves shopping for souvenirs and hitting up flea markets - and I like to avoid that at all costs. So we pick one day to do go our separate ways and then meet up at night for a romantic dinner." -Hunter T.

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"I'll go to the hotel spa any day. Couples massage? Great!" -Tom S.

"When I'm on a tropical vacation, I want to explore my surroundings, not just lie in the sun all day. Once I rented a scooter, and my girlfriend and I toured the island on it-delicious food, sight-seeing, shopping. I planned the whole day, and I got a lot of praise from her later." -Mark M.

"My ideal vacation day with the GF: Wake up. Sex. Breakfast outside. Sex. Drinks by the pool. Sex. Shower. Sex. Dinner. Nightcaps. Sex. Sleep. Repeat." -Jimmy L.

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"I love to stay out late and experience the local nightlife. One time, my girlfriend and I created our own mini bar crawl through the streets of Barcelona and it still stands out as one of the best vacation memories ever. We saw so much of the city and met some pretty amazing people." -Ryan B.

"I like doing things outside of the box-especially when it's her idea. Once on vacation abroad, my girl suggested we go to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Just that fact that she initiated the plan was so hot, and after we were both so turned on." -Alex P.

"Four words: Sex on the beach." -Eric O.

"I love when my girlfriend lets me sleep in late when we're away. She still likes to get up early, but she never wakes me. Instead she greets me later in the morning, ready to enjoy the day together." -Tyler V.

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"Vacations are all about indulging, so when my girl eats without guilt it's a huge turn on." -Adam S.

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