10 Gifts Guys Hate

You might not know it, but there's a chance that the gift you gave to your boyfriend or hubby last year might just be mingling with the dust bunnies. Read on to find out what we learned from real men about what they don't want to find under the tree.

Gift cards
"Gift cards. They're lazy and require no thought. I'd be more satisfied if I got something totally useless and kitschy. At least they tried, right?" - David

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"I hate when I get bad electronics. Things that are not the latest technology have no purpose." - Milledge

Guy in sweater
"Clothes that they think I'll look good in. I wear them once to be seen, and then they mysteriously get destroyed in the washer." - JoeDave

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"I've gotten the same gift from the same person three years in a row. Yeah, it was a sports jersey of my favorite team, but I don't need it in triplicate." - Jerry

"Home improvement tools are the worst. The expectation that, because I'm male, I like to do things around the house isn't always true. I don't like it when the gift is less about what I want and more an excuse to get what they want." - Russell

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Man with shaving cream
"I don't like it when women buy me skin-care products, because I don't always like the smell. If she wants to go that route, she should take me shopping at the mall." - Robbie

"My wife got me a massage once. Over $100 for an hour? I'm not worth it. All I could think about the entire time was the money being wasted." - Alan

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White t-shirt
"White undershirts. Sure, I use them, but they don't inspire passion. I like it better when my girl just asks me what I need. Men know what they want." - Dan

Ceramic deer
"I hate to get really tacky, random stuff. Once I got a dog made of Spanish porcelain. It was something that I would never put in my house, even though it was expensive." - Felipe

"A tie that's really not my style. You would think if someone saw you in a tie every day they would know your sensibilities. My biggest gift pet peeve is when the present doesn't show any thought." - Kevin

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