10 Must-Take Wedding Photos

Being an amateur photography enthusiast, I can say-with a little bit of shame mixed in with some self-loathing-that I want to clone myself so that I can stand next to the photographer at my wedding. I would point out, "Oh look, there!" and "Quick, quick, quick; they're having a moment!"

Don't judge. You know you kind of wish you could, too.

So when I read on various wedding blogs that this magical must-take photo list actually existed (and it was not at all considered to be obnoxious), I was ecstatic, to say the least. Read on for the wedding photo ideas I'm dying to steal!

1. Your Wedding Dress, Hanging On its Own

This baby cost me two months worth of work, so needless to say, she better be getting quite a bit of attention in front of the lens.

Wedding dress hanging on its own.

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2. Wedding Rings

This snapshot is probably the most cliché, but I do think that out of the entire wedding process, the rings don't get paid as much attention as they should. They will bind us as husband and wife from that day forward.

Wedding rings close-up.
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3. Your Man, Looking Nervous

Who doesn't love a picture of the groom, pre-ceremony, looking pensive about life and nervous as a little chicken? It makes my heart flutter to think of my fiancé Luke's face a few minutes before I'm about to head down the aisle.

Every bride deserves to get this reaction!
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4. Beauty Prep

The opportunities are endless, here: Shots of me putting my gorgeous accessories on, mirror shots of us girls delicately applying mascara, "getting ready" shots that ooze that precious nervous-happy feeling. I've coined this term myself, and I can't wait to put it in practice three weeks from now, on my wedding day!

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5. The Big Kiss

What would wedding photos be without The Kiss? I sometimes wonder what our kiss will be like; we're not going to practice (yes, some couples do that) or talk about it because we really want the emotion to come through spontaneously.

A couple shares a kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.
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6. Soles Only

What with my red shoes and the boys wearing red socks, it would be crazy if we didn't have a "just feet" shot. My mother finds it hard to understand, but really, read enough wedding blogs and websites, and you'll get my drift!

Don't forget to add shoes to your must-shoot list.
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7. Guest Headshots

Since we are only having 20 people at our wedding, I want headshots of everyone present. I think it's super cute and will be awesome to show our kids (way down the road) all of the guests who turned up to Viva Las Vegas for Mom and Dad's destination wedding!

Honor each of your wedding guests with a fun photo portrait.
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8. Silhouette Of the First Dance

Why a silhouette, I don't really know. I saw it once, ages ago, and it stuck in my head forever. Something about it felt so serene. Maybe it was because in the silhouette you couldn't see anyone but the bride and groom's shadows, and that made it very intimate.

This modern take on a requisite photo feels intimate and romantic.
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9. Cutesy Shots

I just adore these shots of the couple looking like two grade-school kids heading off on a big adventure. Don't you?

We love this whimsical, side-by-side composite shot.
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10. The Married Couple - Finally!

As this list went out of control (like most of my lists do), I came across the most beautiful photo of a married couple, just looking into each other's eyes. Married; nothing more. It seemed to hit home that this is what the entire day is really about.

Steal a quiet moment alone, with just the two of you.
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What photos are on your must-take list for the wedding? Leave a comment and add to our list!

-Theresa Misso

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