10 Sweet Ways to Say "I Love You"

Dear readers, You really are the sweetest. These quotes, sourced from our Facebook page, show that there are plenty of unique ways to tell your partner just how much you adore him. REDBOOK.

"We always kiss when the clock says 12:34 - a.m. or p.m. - because that is the time we were married 23 years ago. My husband says I'm the one who started it, but he's the one who made it a tradition." - Jacque M.

"Every time we kiss, we do it three times, which stands for 'I love you.' When my husband pulls out of the driveway in the morning, I stand at the door while he sets off the emergency light on his truck, also three times for 'I love you.'" - Peggy C.

"My husband makes banana pancakes for me every Sunday morning. This includes getting up before me, working in the kitchen while I'm still asleep, and cleaning up all the dishes. The pancakes are warming in the oven when I finally roll out of bed." - Melissa M.

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"When we're at a party and someone else is talking too much, my husband and I will discreetly push our knees together and glance over at each other for a second. For 20 years, it's let us know that we're both feeling the exact same way." - Jade W.

"My husband puts toothpaste on my toothbrush and leaves it lying on the sink for me every night before bed. He is the sweetest husband ever!" - Lisa W.

"We say 'magnificently,' meaning 'I love you magnificently' in large crowds, and when we're talking on the cell phone in a crowd of people." - Glynis B.

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"My husband gets up at 5:30 a.m., but he pulls his dresser drawers open the night before so the noise of them opening and closing won't disturb me. Now, that's love!" - Connie M.

"I place special little love notes, cartoons, jokes, or small articles - sometimes racy ones - in her underwear drawer. She never knows what to expect next. She gets a big kick out of them and knows it is my way of saying I love her." - Joe C.

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"My wife has made a game out of telling me she loves me whenever the mood strikes her. We'll be in the supermarket and out of the blue, Alex will stop and turn to me and say, 'I love you in the frozen foods section.' Or we can be at the movies and she'll say, 'I love you in the 21st row of the theater five minutes before the previews start.' Telling me she loves me in such unexpected ways shows me just how much I really mean to her." - Frederik T.

"For each of my four pregnancies, I had awful morning sickness, and the only food I was able to hold down were these yummy peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches my husband made. Every morning, I would wake up and find a plate with my sandwich and a glass of milk." - Marie P.

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