10 Things No One Tells You About Your First Married Easter

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For some couples, their first married Easter is exactly like it was when they were dating. Other couples totally change the way they celebrate this holiday-for example, splitting the celebration between two families for the first time-and encounter the unexpected. To give you a sense of what you might be in for if this is your first Easter as a Mr. or Mrs., we asked Nesties to share what surprised them the first time they celebrated Easter as a married couple. (We kept their identities anonymous so they'd be brutally honest!) Here's what they had to say:

"The whole concept of hunting for Easter eggs was completely new to him!" - A.A.

"When I was a child we would have a huge seven-course meal on Easter with 25 people. Our first married Easter was with her family, and dinner was a two-course meal with eight people. It was such a let down." - J.R.

"His family is kosher - mine is not - so I had no idea what to prepare!" -T.A.

"Her family has very specific religious customs around Easter (mine does not), so it was a bit of a culture shock the first time we celebrated Easter with them." -J.C.

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"We celebrated our first Easter with his family (our parents live in different states). They celebrate with dinner, whereas my family always has Easter brunch. I was shocked by how much I missed that brunch!" - S.S.

"I found out that he hates Peeps! Who hates Peeps?" - L.R.

"My MIL gave me underwear in my Easter basket. I would have preferred a chocolate-peanut butter egg!" - E.M.

"It was the first time I had to clean up Easter grass from carpet - not fun." --J.C.

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"I was astonished that both sets of parents really cared about spending Easter with us. So we split the holiday-and it was crazy trying to fit it all in!" -H.S.

"We actually argued about whether to make ham or lamb for Easter dinner. We finally settled the score by making both!" - R.S.

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