10 Things No One Tells You About Married Sex

By Karen Rose for TheNest.com

Veer/ The NestSaying "I Do" can be a libido booster, so he might want even more sex now.

You've stopped obsessing about how you look, so you're enjoying sex more than ever!

It's easy to get lazy about taking your birth control-that surprise pregnancy is less of a big deal now.

You'll do things that you never thought you'd do (hello, sex toys!) to keep things exciting.

Quickies are the new norm, and you love 'em.

How many calories does sex burn?

You have random romps that are so hot it's like the first time all over again (only better).

You'll dream about sex with old boyfriends once in a while. (Don't worry, it's normal!)

His obsession with oral sex will never go away, even after you've been married for years.

At times you'll feel like your husband is cheating on you…with porn.

None of this sound familiar? For some couples married sex is exactly the same as it was before they were married.

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