10 Things You Need to Be Upfront About when Dating Someone New

You don't have to show all your cards upfront, but...You don't have to show all your cards upfront, but...

By Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe

You don't have to show all your cards upfront, but there are some things you should definitely reveal about yourself within the first few weeks of dating someone new...

1. You're not looking for something serious. (Or you are exclusively looking for something serious.)

2. Kids! You have them. (Whether or not they live with you, you should still bring it up.)

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3. Anything they should know before taking the reins on date planning -- whether it's a lifestyle choice (you're a vegetarian; you don't drink) or a medical condition (you're allergic to gluten; you have severe asthma).

4. Your political affiliation, if not being of similar minds is a dealbreaker to you.

5. If you've ever been married, just because it's an awkward thing to drop on to someone the longer you've been dating.

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6. Your religious beliefs, if you're very religious.

7. You have a crazy job with long/unusual hours.

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8. You're bisexual.

9. You smoke pot every day. (Or regularly take any other kind of drug.)

10. If you're a virgin. Especially if you plan on staying one until marriage.