10 Ways to Avoid Date Disaster

By Mark Mikin


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Rule No. 1: No matching outfits.

Especially if your big night out consists of sinking back into the couch.

Rule No. 2: No matching haircuts.
Especially if your big night out consists of reenacting The Blair Witch Project.

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Rule No. 3: Admire this man.

Reach around. Slide. Reach back. Remove. Repeat.

Rule No. 4: Don't bring a third wheel.
Especially if he can't drink his way through it.

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Rule No. 5: No cell phones at the table.

Especially when martinis are involved.

Rule No. 6: No hands in the mouth.

Especially if her hands on their way to Candyland.

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esquireesquireRule No. 7: Admire this man, too.
But lose the suspenders for the romantic getaway. And the dog chains, for always.

Rule No. 8: Don't jump the gun.
The daytime date is meant as a prelude, not a climax.

Rule No. 9: No high-fives.
Also, we're pretty sure Crocs are not her idea of sexy.

Rule No. 10: No Avatar.
This is not what she had in mind when she said it was her first time.
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