10 Ways to Dabble in Dirty Talk

Dirty talkScared (but intrigued) to talk dirty in the bedroom? We chatted with Dana Myers, founder of Booty Parlor, about tips and tricks for speaking up.

#1. Ask for what you want
A lot of ladies are afraid to keep their lover informed about what's working. "Translate what feels good and what's going to bring you satisfaction into words," says Myers.

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#2. Whisper
If long, descriptive sentences are too intimidating for you to even think of uttering, just whisper. "The heat of your breath and a few sultry words is incredibly scintillating," Myers tells us.

#3. Bring it outside the bedroom
Try getting saucy even when you have clothes on (on a walk or while you're cooking dinner). "When you use it as foreplay completely out of the bedroom, it's fun and saucy and gets mental stimulation going on during the day," says Myers. "It's important for women to think about sex outside the bedroom so by the time you get in there, you're warmed up a bit."

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#4. Use it as confirmation
If your partner is already doing what you like, use your words to sexily let them know they're doing a good job. Tiny phrases like "just like that" or "right there feels good" sound sensual when said in a deep, throaty whisper.

#5. Read
"The absolute easiest way to get into it is to buy a book of erotica and take turns reading to each other in bed," instructs Myers. "The really shy woman can literally hide behind the cover. Pass it back and forth and the nervousness breaks down. Having a piece of paper in front of you can be a very comfortable way to step into it."

#6. Practice by yourself
Get comfortable by dishing out some steamy words when you're all alone. "Think back to the sexiest scenario you've ever been involved in, and go over it play-by-play, putting words to it," suggests Myers. "Using a dream situation with a hot Hollywood actor is another good way to come up with some fantasy language. Trying it solo takes the fear factor out of it. You're alone, in your own world, with no one to judge you. You can't mess up! If you try it unpracticed in the bedroom, you're going to be nervous. 'What if I say the wrong thing?', 'What if he laughs?'"

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#7. Use words you're comfortable with
You don't have to start using terms you blush to even think in your mind, let alone say out loud. "Women can get so hung up with body part names," says Myers. "Some things feel very porn star and not normal to us, and that's okay!"

#8. Be yourself
You'll quickly realize what words and phrases you feel okay with using. "If you're not a phone sex operator, and you don't want to be, then don't talk like it," Myers says. "If you're forcing yourself, your mind will go, your body will shut off, and everything will be a big downward spiral."

#9. Encourage him with a single word
Talking dirty need not be elaborate. Myers gave us some words to include in our bedroom vocabulary like "harder," "faster," and "slower."

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#10. Tell him what's happening

"One of the most empowering aspects of dirty talk is describing what you're about to do," shares Myers. "You'll feel like you're taking charge and that you're about to treat him to something very pleasurable. You hold the power! You'll end up feeling like a bit of a rockstar in the bedroom."

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