10 Ways to Get Him in the Mood

Sexy little moves that are guaranteed to get him revved up and ready to go.
- Jill Rachel Jacobs, BettyConfidential.com

When you first met, he couldn't take his hands off you. But lately, he's been a little distant in the boudoir. Or maybe you're feeling frisky and he simply seems distracted. What to do?

Let's face it. Getting a man in the mood isn't usually a serious challenge. By their own admission, most guys are more than happy to engage in acts of intimacy at the drop of a dime. But we all - men and women, alike - have those days when we could use a little help in the romance department. And, besides, most guys are seriously turned on when their partner takes the lead.

Below, are my well-researched, highly effective intimacy tips. They incorporate all of the senses and are guaranteed to put the zing back into your sex life. And at the very least, you'll have a lot of fun trying them out together! (OK, I tried some of these out on my boyfriend and they worked, so I thought I'd share.)

1. Bubble, bubble, no toil or trouble.
Prepare a candlelit, vanilla-scented, bubble bath. According to neurologist Alan Hirsch, of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, vanilla is the aroma that arouses men most. Add a few more key ingredients to your sensual bath potion, such as you waiting for him in the tub with two glasses of wine, and voila! Let the games begin.

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2. See me, feel me, touch me.
Give your guy a sensual massage, and incorporate some items with diverse textures, such as a silk scarf, a feather. or a scratchy wool sweater. Be creative, but be sure to choose things that will feel different on his skin. Light a scented cinnamon candle (cinnamon is a known aphrodisiac for men), and choose a massage oil with aphrodisiac properties, such as lavender or frankincense. And don't forget the blindfold - for him.

3. Let me whisper in your ear.
In your sexiest voice, leave a message on his voice mail about what it is that draws you to him and why you can't wait to see him later - the breathier the better.

4. Look into my eyes.
Staring contests are a childhood staple, but this is one kids' game worth revisiting as adults. Staring directly into the eyes of your lover without breaking your gaze can be a powerful tool for arousal, and it can also enhance intimacy during lovemaking.

5. I want to sing you a love song.
Make a CD of his fave tunes or a compilation of love songs that have some special meaning to the two of you. Leave it on his car seat for him to find in the morning on his way to work, and he'll think about you all day. (Note: Beyonce wannabes can up the ante by recording one with their own voice on the lead vocals.)

6. Say it with poetry.
Write a poem about the first time you met and read it to him before bed. It can be traditional or naughty. Ladies' choice.

7. The gateway to his heart.
Prepare his favorite brown-bag lunch, with a little something extra tucked inside: A deliciously raunchy note from you, informing him of what you intend to do when you see him. (Keep your fingers crossed that this isn't the day he chooses to share his lunch with his boss or co-worker.)

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8. Where have all the flowers gone?
Send him a bouquet. While most guys probably won't readily admit it, there are very few who wouldn't enjoy receiving flowers from someone they care about. In fact, a recent Rutgers University study showed that men who receive flowers demonstrate increased social interaction and happiness. Choose his favorite colors (or scents, if he's into that kind of thing), or pick a sensual palette of reds, blues and purples. And don't forget to enclose a sweet, sexy note.

9. The gift that keeps on giving.
Buy him a gift certificate from Victoria's Secret and let him choose what lingerie you will be donning during your next intimate time together. Offer to go with him to model the options, or let him surprise you.

10. Chocolate, chocolate, my kingdom for a chocolate.
While the female love affair with chocolate is well-documented, according to a recent study, men who consumed it also felt less lonely and depressed. Combine this news with chocolate's known aphrodisiac properties for both sexes and you have a winning combo when it comes to revving up the mood for amore.

Your assignment: Prepare a sensual chocolate fondue using popular dipping choices like pound cake, donut holes, graham crackers, pretzels, rice crispy treats, marshmallows and fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, bananas or apples. Feeding each other is required. No utensils allowed.

Traditional Chocolate Fondue Recipe
(Recipe courtesy of: Gone-ta-pott.com)

8 oz Premium Chocolate (chopped)
1 cup Whipping Cream
2 tsp Grand Marnier (optional)

Over low flame, heat cream until warm. (Do not boil!) Slowly add chocolate while stirring. As mixture becomes smooth, stir in liqueur, and serve, keeping warm.

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Jill Rachel Jacobs is a New York-based writer and humorist.

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