12 Ways To Be Sexier

Try one of these tricks that'll leave you feeling sexy for your man.Try one of these tricks that'll leave you feeling sexy for your man.When you feel sexy, you act sexy. (Cut to you being hit on by every dude you walk past.) These tricks will score you a smokin' hot mindset so a foxy vibe practically spills out of you.

By Casey Gueren

Catch Magic Mike as a matinee. Watching hot, shirtless men for a few hours will keep your libido pumpes long after the credits roll.

Make a playlist of your favorite sex songs-we love Lemme See by Usher and Tonight by John Legend-and put it on shuffle for your morning commute. It'll trigger your naughtiest memories and put a sexy smirk on your face.

Get a blow-out...on a random Tuesday. The instant confidence that comes with bouncy, bombshell hair is a huge turn-on.

Flaunt your assets-even at work. It's pretty much impossible to slouch in heels and a pencil skirt, and standing taller will translate to head-turning smokeshow status.

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When you're stuck in a crazy-long line, whip out Fifty Shades of Grey or something equally steamy on your eReader. Just a few paragraphs can give you an irresistible turned-on flush.

Step out in a bright, summery maxi dress-sans underwear. The style makes it less likely that you'll pull a Britney, and you'll still experience all the tingly feelings when you're hit with a cool breeze.

While enjoying the awesome summer weather on the beach or in the park, indulge in a few dirty thoughts. Fantasizing in public gives you the same rush you get from PDA. You know, minus the nasty looks from people.

Slip in the salon for a pedi and splurge on a foot massage. According to acupuncture specialist Dr. Laurie Binder, pressure points on the foot that boost your sex drive. To DIY, press the center of the sole of your foot for one minute.

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You already know to wear red when you want to feel hotter, but choosing the right fabric is just as essential. Experts say textures like silk, leather, and lace can enhance your sensuality.

Forget chocolate-snack on black licorice instead. Studies suggest the scent actually turns women on.

Skip your regular body lotion and opt for coconut oil. Not only does it make you feel (and smell!) like you're on an exotic vacay, but it gives your skin a natural, shimmery glow like a Victoria's Secret model.

When you first get out of bed, spend a few minutes doing yoga. The flexible positions boost blood flow and give you a kick of energy-both of which can increase arousal.

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