13 Sex Dares for 2013

Try 'em, and start tonight. No one's watching!
by Glamour

1. Make a no-phones-in-the-bedroom rule. Put a charging station in the living room. Shut the door. Focus.

2. Reverse date night. Have sex first, then go out.

3. Set up a mirror and check yourself out having sex. (He'll love this one too--guys are visual.)

4. Confess something. What you want. What you hate. What you're curious about.

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5. Experience slow sex. For starters, spend at least 20 minutes kissing.

6. Try that position you've always wondered about. For research purposes, of course.

7. Spice up doggie style. Lower your torso so your hips tilt up. Trust us.

8. Take instant-camera pictures. You know, the kind without the scary Internet part.

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9. Have Skype sex. Yes, even if you live in the same city.

10. Close your legs. As in, hold them together so his legs are open and outside yours.

11. Get slippery. Lube isn't just for partner sex. Try it when you're going solo.

12. Watch amateur porn. On makelovenotporn.com, regular couples (with regular bodies) upload homemade sex tapes and get a percentage of viewing fees. Surprisingly compelling.

13. Declare an "oral only" night. Enough said.

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