15 Little Things He Loves About You

From the freckles you spent a lifetime hating to your tendency to hug like an animal, these are the - sometimes strange - but true things husbands admire about their wives. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

You might have some quirks, but that's what makes him love you all the more. XOXO
"My husband loves my unique hug. My 'panda hug' is my brand, so if somebody tries to imitate me, my husband will surely know by my hug!" - Cindy Montanez-Larrosa, via Facebook

The Holiday Spirit
"My wife really knows how to bring our family together on holidays. From Christmas to St. Patrick's Day, she makes sure we keep to our traditions, even when those traditions add up to five-hour-long rituals." - Bob P., 45

When in Italy...
"My husband never says he loves me, but last month we were in Venice, Italy because he's in the military and had R&R leave. It was a cool, crisp night and - above a bridge overlooking the canal - he told me, 'I love that no matter what is going on - whether deployment, work, family or anything military - you're always by my side. You even came halfway across the world to be with me on my birthday.' That brought me to tears." - Lettie Flores, via Facebook

You've been spotted
"My hubby tells me all the time that I'm the sexiest woman in the world. He says he loves my body, my face, and even my freckles that I hate so much." - Carey Austin Nuzzolese, via Facebook

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Making Eyes
"When my wife looks me straight in the eye during sex - not a stare-down, but with that sort of soft focus - I feel like we're 100 percent in-sync. It's the sexiest, most honest and intimate moment I can think of." - Jamie, 32

A full-on smooch
"It's always great when she comes home, barely says hi, and gives me a real kiss instead of just a little kiss on the cheek." - Michael T., 32

By a hair
"I melt when my girlfriend runs her hands through my hair. Whether we're kissing, in the throes of passion or even just watching TV and she's in the mood, all she has to do is slide her fingers behind my ears and around the back of my head, then run them through the hair at the top: Every nerve ending in my body comes alive. Whew!" - Phillip, 39

Playing for keeps
"My husband once told me that he loves how I put up with his craziness. People wouldn't believe we are married by how much he teases me. Some would think it's mean, but I know it's his playful way of showing his love." - April McGregor, via Facebook

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Smells good!
"My husband loves my natural scent. Not perfume, soap or deodorant - just me." - Keryl Pesce, via Twitter

Hip! Hip! Hooray!
"I worried about my body after having five kids, but my husband loves to tell me that he adores the curve of my hips. Now I see the strength in them instead of seeing my hips as wide. It's given me a new appreciation for what my body has accomplished and what it has become." - Christina Draper, via Facebook

Baby, you did it
"My husband and I had a baby boy in March after three losses and almost three years of trying. He told me he loved me even more for the fact that I never gave up - even after one loss in particular crushed me and after a specialist told me my eggs were 'no good.' I never saw my persistence as strength - I just knew I couldn't give up hope because it felt like something great was bound to happen. In fact, I wondered if he felt sorry for me and just kept going along with it for my sake. I'm so grateful to him for his faith in me and in our marriage, and I am reminded of that every day when I look at our beautiful son." - Jennifer Beswick Davis, via Facebook

Head held high
"My husband told me, 'Your confidence is the sexiest thing you wear.' I think of myself as secure, but I never knew it was so attractive to him." - Heather H., Cafesmom.com blogger

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On the nose
"My husband says he loves how my nose goes 'boop boop.' Apparently, my nose moves ever so slightly when I talk. It's something I had never noticed (nor had anyone else). He says it's one if his favorite things about me, and something he noticed right away." - Christine Shuman Blomberg, via Facebook

Sending a signal
"[I like my wife to] smile and wink at me [from afar], because that's how we first met." - Allen C., 35

Smooth talker
"My amazing husband loves how I strike up a conversation with people when we go to events that he's asked to attend. I don't think about it, but he loves to watch me with a group of strangers where he would struggle a little bit." - Cindy Scott Winters, via Facebook

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