15 Signs of Falling in Love

Many individuals eagerly anticipate falling in love, because they have never experienced love or don't really know what being in love feels like. These romantic novices know that love is a euphoric emotion that they want to experience firsthand, and they may even go out of their way to hunt love out. If you think that the feelings you have for your current partner may be advancing from mere affection to full-fledged love, consider some common signs of love.

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Happiness: Being in love is almost universally euphoria-inducing. If you find yourself a little more cheery as of late, you may be entering the throes of love. Connection: Most people reserve emotional connections for family members or individuals of major importance in their lives. If you feel an unexplainable strong emotional connection to your new partner, you are likely entering a love affair. Concern: Concern for the ones we love is only natural. If you find yourself concerned about your partner's physical and emotional well-being even when there is no reason to think that he is not fine, you are likely in love with the new man in your life.

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Physical Indication

Tingling: The fabled tingling that has long been associated with falling in love may be more than just a myth, according to Psychology Today. According to its study, many individuals falling in love actually do experience a palpable tingling sensation.

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Constant togetherness: Individuals falling in love often want to be with the object of their affection at all times. If you find that your new partner is oxygen to you, you likely more than just "like" the individual. Regular communication: According to Glamour magazine, individuals entering a hot and heavy romance often engage in almost constant communication, including rapid texting. A desire to pick up the phone and make contact with your new gal may mean that you are already falling head over heels. Professing love: Some people wait ages to finally tell a partner that they love him. Individuals commonly engage in this play-it-safe waiting game to ensure that they don't end up getting hurt by someone who doesn't return their feelings. However, if you are truly falling in love, you may find it impossible not to profess these emotions, regardless of how illogical the profession may be. Want to help: When someone is in love, they detest seeing their romantic partner in need. A constant desire to help your partner overcome any difficulties he may face is a sure-fire sign that you are serious about this new dude.

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Daydreaming: Many lovers find their mind wandering even during important tasks and find themselves daydreaming about their new lover and their potential future life together. Easy communication: Many individuals falling in love are amazed by the ease with which they communicate with their new partner. According to Psychology Today, the ability to communicate easily with a potential mate likely means that you trust the person and are, at least in partly, in love with him. Bragging: Smitten kittens commonly brag about their partner to anyone who will hang around long enough to listen. According to Glamour magazine, if you can't help but make boastful statements about your newest partner, love is likely on the horizon. Pampering: If you are willing to rub your new man's tired feet or give him a three-hour back massage, you are likely motivated by the budding love that you feel for your newest heartthrob. Hobby hopping: If you find yourself willing to trade in your scrapbooking materials for a set of golf clubs or season tickets to the Lakers, you are likely more than just a little into your current partner. Compromise: Compromising is necessary in any relationship, but many people still resist giving in to these give-and-take arrangements. If you feel like you actually want to make compromises, you may just be falling in love. Changing: To make a relationship work, at least small amounts of change are commonly necessary. If you find yourself not loathing but instead looking forward to making these life modifications, you are likely in love.

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