15 Very Good Reasons to NEVER Get Married

Most of us have hit the age where most everyone we know is married, engaged, or dying to get married. Where does that leave us? Those who are happily single? Those of us who dread weddings, could care LESS about wedding dresses or engagement rings? What about us?

Here are a list of compelling reasons you shouldn't get married.

1) Despite what everyone else says, you LOVE the single life.

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2) You know you'll have to share both the ice cream and the television remote.

3) You'll have to boot Pablo the Pool Boy.

4) You like to sleep across the whole bed.

5) You can't stand sharing your space, especially when you know that with marriage comes dude stuff - like that awful Bud Light sign.

6) You know that colonies of dirty socks will follow you everywhere you go the moment you let a guy move in.

7) You'd rather be able to break it off and move on without having to involve the courts.

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8) Your toilet seat will NEVER be the same.

9) You don't want to have to answer to anyone - you can come and go as you please.

10) Marriage = one person for the rest of your life. One person for the rest of your life = BORING.

11) Marriage is expensive. So is divorce. You'd rather take the cash and travel around Europe for three years.

12) Your main priority is climbing that corporate ladder and making yourself a success in your career.

13) Getting a break on your taxes and car insurance, despite what they say, isn't a reason to settle down.

14) Marriage is an antiquated tradition, much like not allowing women to vote. Why bother with an institution that fails half the time?

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15) You know that marriage = compromise. You don't feel that you need to compromise everything to be with someone else.

What are some other reasons you can think of not to get married?

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Written by Aunt Becky on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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