16 (sneaky) ways to seduce someone

I have a confession: During my early dating years, I preferred to be The Seduced, not The Seductress. I was chicken. Like many women, I worried that if I put myself out there and got a "no thanks" in return, I'd never recover from the humiliation. And while my path of least resistance didn't score me the hottest sex, I was happy at least that it kept me in possession of my ego.

Then, during college, I met George,* an art major with rosebud lips and a slow-as-molasses sexiness, who, despite my silent pleas for his affection, didn't give me the time of day. Just as I was about to abandon my George fantasy, I ran into him at a bar after the Senior Streak, a ridiculous, drunken tradition where every senior runs around campus, sans pants. I was naked as a newborn, except for the words THE BOMB scrawled across my butt with a Sharpie. And, for reasons I still don't totally understand, I went for it-walked right up to him, threw my arms around his neck and asked him to dance. Soon I was headed back to his place, wearing his jacket.

Even though I'm happily married now, my dalliance with George remains among my favorite pre-aisle memories-because I'd pounced and it worked. That night didn't turn me into some raging Jessica Rabbit, but it did teach me that sometimes the boldest, most out-of-character move is the one that gets you results. Lately I wonder if I've lost my game. Perhaps I need to dredge up some of that old naked courage with the man I love. For inspiration, I talked to 16 women and guys who shared their own brave stories of past seductions that went oh-so-right.

--By Jessica Baumgardner


Granted, getting a guy to "agree" to sex is like getting a Labrador to "agree" to eat a rib eye. But if you're extra bold, creative, even stealthy-like these women were-he'll never forget it (and neither will you).

"I fed his libido"

"After a dinner party, where my husband and I had been served a special soup that was full of cloves, we went home tipsy and tired. But even exhausted, we only dozed lightly before we woke up, spontaneously got naked and jumped each other. We tried to go back to sleep, but it happened again...and again! We couldn't believe it-it had to be the clove soup. Of course I called my friend for the recipe. A few weeks ago I made the soup, and it worked all over again. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but who cares?"-KRISTEN, 33

"I gave the bartender a special kind of tip"

"Out on a blind date with a nice but otherwise kind of bland guy, I happened to notice that one of the bartenders at the restaurant was incredibly hot. On my way to the ladies' room, he bumped me slightly and coyly said, 'Please stop running into me.' I spent the rest of dinner making eyes at him, and after another sangria or two, I excused myself again to go to the bathroom. The bartender came over and said that he'd been waiting for me. I held the bathroom door open and said, 'Well, come on then.' He did, and moments later we were making out like bandits. Periodically I would stop the action and say, 'Wait, I am on a date!' which would just make us more excited. We exchanged numbers, and I went back to the table to thank my poor, patient date and explain that we just weren't compatible. I went home alone that night, but man, was I ever happy!"-AMY, 29

"I just jumped him!"

"A former boyfriend and I were in a two-month-long sexual dry spell. Desperate, I waited until he was asleep one night, stripped down to absolutely nothing, jumped on top of him, pinned him down with my arms and said, 'If we don't do it right this second, I'm going to become a nun.' He was like, game on! It was a little bit humiliating, but hey, it worked."-CHRISTINA, 26

"I told the most ridiculous lie"

"A friend and I were on a girls' vacation together when two good-looking guys approached us. Making conversation, they asked me what I did for a living, and out of nowhere, I made up a story and said I was the founder of a certain online company. Well, it turns out they were the founders of that company-really, the exact company-and were on vacation celebrating a recent merger. We spent the night talking about how funny it was that I had picked the exact wrong lie! Or maybe it was exactly the right one: I ended up going home with one of the guys."-ANDREA, 35

"I pulled rank"

"I work the late-night shift at a TV news station. After weeks of flirting with a hot new coworker, I left an anonymous note on his desk saying he was needed in the studio first thing in the morning. When he got there, I was waiting for him in the dark, sitting on top of the anchor's desk, showing the type of cleavage that even the most flexible of human resource managers would deem inappropriate. Now we regularly hook up before everyone comes in for their shifts-let me tell you, it guarantees a very productive day at work."-JEN, 29

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