19 Heartbreaking Tearjerkers Every Girl Should See

We dare you to try and not cry when watching Titanic.We dare you to try and not cry when watching Titanic.Sinking ships. Cancer. Daughters who need to drink their juice and are secretly dying. These are just some of the topics that pop up in our most favorite tearjerkers. There's just something about a movie that inspires a good cry that we just love in a super-sick way. If you haven't seen one on our master list, grab your gal pals and make it happen stat.

By Michelle Ruiz

1. My Girl
Before Macauley Culkin was kinda weird and Anna Chlumsky was a real grownup on Veep, they were Thomas J. and Vada Sultenfuss, the two best friends that anyone could have. Until a swarm of bees attacks a certain allergic, adorable someone. Cue: Us bawling our eyes out.

2. Titanic
Leo DiCaprio at his hottest. Kate Winslet at her naughtiest. Billy Zane just being Billy Zane. This three-hour epic thrusts you into a rollercoaster, er, sinking ship of sadness. We'll truly never let go.

3. Stepmom
When Susan Sarandon gives a quilt stitched with a lifetime of memories to her daughter for Christmas. That's all we can say, because we're already verklempt.

4. Love Story
The witty quotes! The Ali McGraw gorgeousness! Convertible driving and carrying over thresholds! "Love means never having to say you're sorry!" Even though that's the furthest thing from the truth, this movie is TDF.

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5. Marley and Me
If you've ever owned a dog, loved a dog, honestly if you've even laid a hand on a dog in your lifetime, this tale of a mischievous Golden named Marley, and how he teaches Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and their growing family to love, will make you dampen a million Kleenex.

6. Beaches
Arguably the tearjerker to end all tearjerkers, Beaches will force you to confront a life without your lifelong best friend and soul mate. What's more depressing than that? Doing it to the slow, sob-inducing melody of Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings."

7. Toy Story
Cartoons are supposed to be happy, silly, carefree! But when you have a trilogy-level emotional investment in Buzz, Woody, and the Potato Heads, and you think they're about to be incinerated, like, right now, you best believe there are tears straight rolling down your cheeks.

8. Ghost
Few tearjerking movie moments can hold a tissue to the glowing, heavenly scene when Molly and Sam see each other again, by the grace of Oda Mae Brown/Whoopi Goldberg. And to think two decades later, we have a ridiculous crush on Carl Bruner/Tony Goldwyn...

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9. Shakespeare in Love
Imagine you were hopelessly in love with arguably the most romantic romantic ever, but instead of having him read you post-coital sonnets 'til the end of time, you were bound for America with a snobby noble whom you HATED. This is why we wept through the end of this 1999 Oscar-winner. Especially when Will tells Gwyneth: "You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die." Oh, we died alright.

10. The Notebook
Whether you were so aroused, you cried when Gos said, "It STILL isn't over" or you were one of those who was really emotional about the Olds storyline, if you are alive, you probably shed some tears during this rom-com standard-bearer.

11. Armageddon
Basically everyone else dies, which sucks. But Ben Affleck got his teeny teeth capped for this, which is great!

12. Up
The opening sequence of Up. Annnd... we're already crying.

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13. Sex and the City
When Big pulls over and tries to say he's sorry and Carrie beats him over the head with a bouquet of peonies and screams "I knew you would do this!" and Charlotte yells "No! No!" like she will totally kill him!!! So many emotions, so many angry tears.

14. Here on Earth
Leelee Sobieski + Chris Klein + Josh Hartnett + Cancer = Totes sniffling.

15. A Walk to Remember
Like Here on Earth, A Walk to Remember was part of a subset of early-aughts teen movies about death. Not to be confused with the party-hearty teen movie genre of the era (see: She's All That; Can't Hardly Wait.) Mandy Moore and Shane West are the couple from different sides of the tracks who totally fall in love until one of them dies. Amazing sample quote from the film's Wikipedia page: "Landon continues to fulfill various wishes on Jamie's list, such as building her a telescope so she can see a comet."

16. Legends of the Fall
Tristan (Brad Pitt's) animalistic cries of pain while holding Samuel's heart in his hands. Need we say more?

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17. Soul Surfer
You know when you cry because you are so inspired by another human being's spirit and will to carry on despite the most difficult of circumstances? That's the kind of weep you'll experience during this dark horse tearjerker starring AnnaSophia Robb, about real-life surfer Bethany Hamilton.

18. Terms of Endearment
This is a tearjerking classic. Just ask your mom/aunt/older sister. We don't want to give too much away, but Shirley McLaine is the feisty mom, Debra Winger is the daughter who love/hates her, and not everybody survives 'til the closing credits.

19. Steel Magnolias
From Malin's very first "drink your juice, Shelby," you could probably tell that things were not going to end well for Julia Roberts. Cut to the cemetery scene ("I can run all the way to Texas and back but my daughter can't...she never could!") and there shall be ugly-crying.

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