The 25 Best Places for the Rich and Single (Or Uh, Those Looking for Someone Rich and Single)

by Gina Kaufman, Glamour

Obviously money can't buy you love, but...people with money need love too.

The folks over at CNNMoney have compiled a list of the top 25, with stats on the percentage of singles in the population and the median family income. So if you're interested in relocating to a land of guys and gals with money to spare, check out the hotspots. I've listed out the top ten with some info below:

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- Newton, MA If you're looking for not just rich, but rich AND famous, Matt Damon, Louis C.K. and Amy Poehler all lived here.
- Hoboken, NJ It also supposedly has the most bars in one square mile.
- Brookline, MA There's a whole lot of green here, and I'm not just talking money: it's a link in a 1000-acre park goes through the area.
- Arlington, VA Where the D.C. wonks come to play.
- Redondo Beach, CA Ooh, bring my yacht around please.
- Irvine, CA Mingle with the up and comers of the tech industry.
- Sandy Springs, GA Summer is apparently the best time here-tubing! Concerts!-so hurry, you've still got a little time left.
- Towson, MD This place has a block party every Friday night. I am way more jealous of fun than money!
- Oak Park, IL Lots of arts and architecture here, and those things don't come cheap.
- Mountain View, CA Google provides free Wi-Fi in the whole town, so you have no excuse for not online dating here.

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For the rest of the top 25, check out the full slideshow at CNNMoney. Lucky folks living in these lovely cities with all their cash. Now excuse me, I'll just be over here crying over my credit card bill.

Any of you live in any of these places? Do you care at all about your partner's income? Would you ever consciously try to meet more wealthy people? I mean, I wouldn't hate a rich boyfriend or anything, but it's not exactly a priority.

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