3 Fixes to Common Online Dating Mistakes

You went online because there's a huge pool of guys to date, and hooking one is supposed to be easy. So how come you're only meeting losers, or worse, not getting any attention at all? It's not you, it's your profile. No, really. According to Internet dating experts, many women are guilty of making these mistakes online. With a few tweaks and maybe a little white lie or two, your inbox will soon be stuffed with messages from guys dying to meet you.

Mistake #1: You Don't Self-Promote

You might be hesitant to really play up your assets because you worry it will make you seem cocky or self-involved. But leaving out interesting info, like how you're awesome at snowboarding or speak two languages, results in a lackluster first impression.

The snag-him secret: Enlist a close friend to help you create your profile. She'll feel more comfortable highlighting your strengths and cool experiences. Another trick is to pretend it's a job you're trying to get, not a date, since women tend to find it easier to really sell themselves in a work setting. These traits make guys go crazy.

Mistake #2: You Come Off as a Clone

Everyone knows you are "nice, smart, fun, and sweet," but there are thousands of other single girls online saying the same damn thing about themselves. Plus, guys have learned to dismiss those generic descriptions since they've been on dates with women who describe themselves the same way but are total duds in person. Same goes for your likes and hobbies. Um, who doesn't enjoy travel, movies, and friends?

The snag-him secret: The best profiles tell an original story. So instead of writing that you're adventurous, make him really believe it by including a story about that time you took a spontaneous trip to the beach with girlfriends and swam with dolphins. Not only does this approach make you seem a hell of a lot more interesting, but it also gives guys an easy icebreaker. Also, specifics are key, so if you're going to add "music" to your likes, be sure to mention one or two of your favorite bands. Even if his tastes are different, you'll come off as passionate, which is a major turn-on.

Mistake #3: You Pick the Wrong Photos

Guys look at the photo first. Period. And even if you have the perfect profile, the wrong mix of pictures will make any guy take a pass. Here's the deal: Only include shots from the neck up and he'll think you're hiding your body for a reason. Photos with other men are an automatic turnoff too. Hey, the guy checking out your profile doesn't know the dude in the picture is your brother. Another bad idea? Including a snapshot with a girlfriend who is hotter than you. Yeah, it's a little low to crop out your Megan Fox look-alike BFF, but all's fair in online dating.

The snag-him secret: Including a shot that shows off your body is an absolute must. And make sure to include a few photos of you in your natural environment - hanging out at a BBQ or cuddling with your dog. Your pictures should tell a story - just like what you write - and show off your personality. A slideshow of headshots on a white background won't do that. Here's the secret to looking sexy in photos.

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