3 Reasons to Fall in Love, Over and Over Again

I make it a habit to fall in love everyday," a friend once told me. And I nearly swooned, thinking that perhaps I would be the one he would fall in love with that day.

However, we had our signals crossed. He was telling me his philosophy about relationships, and I wanted him to fall in love with me that day, and only me, every day thereafter.

So can one fall in romantic love with one person and stay "in love" with everyone else? Can we evolve toward Oneness, and still reach out and touch just one person with the feelings reserved them alone?

The short answer is yes. And here are three reasons why: daily habits, mentoring, and what I call: "breathing together."

1. Daily habits. A relationship is as healthy as the number of rituals you create to share together. Here's one: light a candle at the dinner table when you sit down to eat together. Candle light focuses the diners on enjoying the food and each other's company. Here's another: Say a prayer at mealtime where you both contribute: "May all be fed." "May peace prevail on Earth."

2. Mentoring. One can fall in love over and over again when they know that they have unlimited freedom to "be all they can be" and their partner's support in this. Romantic relationships, like a good marriage, are like an on-going seminar. When there are tough times, it means one or both partners is at a growing point. How they mentor one another through tough times can form the basis of deep, lifelong trust and respect.

3. Breathing together. Does my partner nourish me? Do I nourish them? All humans share the same heart beat, we all share the same miracle of breath. And when we breath together, we are releasing what doesn't work in our lives and inhaling an openness to love and be loved. In an intimate relationship, breathing together can also draw in our lover's breath, as they draw in ours. It is deep, and private, and infinitely expansive.

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By Alexia Parks on Intent.com
For more than 30 years, she has written and worked in the fields of energy, the environment, education, parenting, and communications. Recently, she was given the distinction of being the first accredited blogger at the UN Conference on Climate Change, in Bali. Author of seven books, her latest includes RAPID Evolution, a training manual for accelerated evolution. It is solution oriented: as we self-heal, we heal the world around us. She now works at Votelink.com.

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