4 questions to never ask your guy

Unless you want to bruise your love bond, these questions are best left unasked.

1. "Am I better-looking/smarter/etc. than your ex?"
Would you want him to ask you that? If he answers yes to your q, you'll wonder if he's lying. If he says no, well, can your really handle that kind of truth? He's with you now, not her, so just don't even go there.

2. "Do you love me?"
Has he used the L word already? Well, there's your answer. If he hasn't--and you absolutely have to know where he stands--you might start by telling him how you feel about him, rather than putting him on the spot with a needy question.

3. "Can you lend me some money?"
A few bucks is fine, but asking for anything substantial (like a down payment on your car, a month's rent, etc) is unfair. You don't sleep with your bank teller, so don't borrow cash from your boyfriend.

4. "Are you cheating on me?"
If he's innocent, he'll resent the question. If he's guilty, chances are that he'll lie...and even when you have info to backup your suspicions, you better soft-pedal your accusation. If you're wrong, your relationship may never recover.

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