4 Things You Don't Know About Robert Pattinson

True to form, the mysterious R-Pattz is difficult to find dirt about. But we managed to find some interesting tidbits about our favorite brooding vampire. Want to see more hot pics of Rob? Check out his 25 smoldering looks!

1. Robert reportedly got a six-pack for New Moon, thanks to makeup artists and strategic airbrushing. We'd like to inspect the evidence to find out for sure. Check out these shirtless guys with totally legit abs of steel.

2. It's hard to believe now, but when Rob first signed on to play Edward Cullen, 75,000 people signed a petition against his taking the role - they didn't think he was the right fit for the character in the Twilight books! Now, even more people are saying, "Robert, bite me"...but they mean something completely different.

These days he and his New Moon co-stars cause mass hysteria everywhere they go. See their smoking hot red carpet pics.

3. All of Rob's trademark fervid staring in the Twilight movies? It's not his acting - he credits difficulty seeing through his gold-colored contacts (which he calls "orange blobs"). There's no debating R-Pattz's hotness, but the verdict is still out on vampires. Two Cosmo editors weigh in.

4. Unlike his character Edward, Robert says he's not at all romantic. "I can't think of a single romantic thing I've ever done," he told the Today Show recently.

Think you know everything there is to know about the Twilight saga? Take this IQ test to find out!

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