4 Tricks That Will Make Your New Year’s Eve Rock

From perfectly popping a bottle of bubbly to finding a makeout partner by the stroke of midnight, we'll show you how to totally milk this holiday for all it's worth. Plus: Find out how to avoid making a major party foul.

Uncork a Bottle of Bubbly

Perfectly popping open a bottle of champagne is one of the fastest ways to impress a guy. To uncork it without making a mess, hold the bottle in one hand with the neck facing away from you and anyone else, and untwist the wire from the top. Grip the cork and turn the bottle slowly until you feel the cork start to come out. Then, slowly pull the bottle down and remove the cork. Cheers!

2) Make Your Makeup Last All Night

You didn't spend hours in front of the mirror just to see your hair go frizzy and your makeup fade away before the ball drops.
A few little beauty tweaks will keep you looking good well into 2010. Start with a primer, which will plump up your skin and give your makeup an even base to glide onto for a flawless finish. Try one of these hot New Year's Eve party hairstyles.

3) Suss Out a Party Plan

Stop drama before it starts by talking to your crew and coming up with a NYE game plan. Party-hopping is the best way to check out several different scenes (and guys), so add as many shindigs to your agenda as possible. This way you can easily move along if there aren't enough hot guys to go around or if one of them happens to be your ex. Bone up on these dating tips from bartenders and find out what really gets guy's attention. And we don't want to sound like Mom, but it's good idea to put the number of a taxi or car company in your phone in case you end up needing a ride home.

4) Land a New Year's Eve Kiss...Even if You Don't Have a Date

It's probably the only time you can get away with smooching a guy friend or a total stranger with no questions asked. Try this move: Start chatting up the guy you have your eye on a half hour or so before midnight, then walk away. Come back during the countdown and let your lips speak for themselves. Attached? These kissing tricks will drive him crazy.

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