5 Conversation Starters to Help Your Wedding Guests Break the Ice

This roundup of conversation starters was designed specifically with your wedding guests' enjoyment in mind.

Grown-Up Fill-in-the-Blanks
Fill-in-the-bank scrolls are a blast for guests to play with -- and provide you with a keepsake to read at each anniversary (just ask a friend to collect them all at the end of the night, and then compile them into a guest book). To make them, download our template, roll each sheet around a mini pencil, tie it with cord, and place one atop every plate.

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Cootie-Catcher Game
Pucker up! Everyone can have fun at your reception with this kissing game that puts a lively twist on the cootie catchers you played with as a child.

Get the Cootie-Catcher How-To
Flag Conversation Starter
This bold timeline serves as a three-dimensional reminder of when you first met your guests. Get the how-to, play it during cocktail hour, and guests will be sure to mingle.

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Perfect Pairs Game
Hoping your college roommate chats up your future husband's childhood friend? Find-your-match cards are a sweet way to ensure they'll meet. Announce the rules early in the evening (consider asking a member of your wedding party to explain them). Each guest will receive a card with the name of one half of a famous couple -- and will have until the end of the night to find its mate.

Song and Dance
Here's a guaranteed dance-floor hit: Instead of numbering your tables, assign a song title to each one. When the tune plays, the whole table has to get up and get down.

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