5 Dates to Make Your Own Spark

Make your own fireworks this 4th of July with these Cosmo-approved date ideas!

1. Plan an outdoor picnic. We know, it may sound a little clichéd, but grab an American flag blanket at a cheapie store (c'mon, show your patriotism), a bottle of wine, and some American fare to share with your guy. You can bring along a Frisbee or Nerf ball to toss around after lunch. Outdoor eating can be much more relaxed and romantic (not to mention more affordable) than your typical dinner and drinks.

2. Hit up a rooftop bar with your guy.
You'll get to enjoy cocktails in the breezy summer weather, and you might even be able to spot a nearby fireworks show - minus the crowds and mobs of children.

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3. Head to an outdoor concert. A lot of cities host 4th of July concert and firework shows (what's not to like about two-for-one dates?). Check out your local paper to see what's going on nearby. Don't feel like springing for tickets? You can usually mingle your way close enough to the concert stage, but outside the seat parameter, to listen to the live music for free.

4. Host a BBQ. We all know guys like to barbecue, so let your man be manly as he grills up the hamburgers and ribs. A casual cookout can be a great way to break the ice and introduce him to your family or friends. Don't forget the festive cocktails!

5. Do something historic. Google your town or city to find out what local American memorials or museums you can visit. You'll both learn a bit about the past and get a renewed appreciation for your heritage.

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