5 Easy Ways to Get Amazing Wedding Photos

Photo: Donna NewmanPhoto: Donna Newman

You want your wedding album to be packed with beautiful and moving images. Sometimes you get lucky. The rest comes down to planning. These tips will help guarantee gorgeous big-day snaps.

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1. Consider Chemistry
Your photographer will be responsible for documenting one of your most important days. No matter how exquisite his or her work, if you have an off sense about this person, keep searching! The right match will make you and your fiancé feel relaxed and result in better shots.

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2. Scrutinize the Details
When reviewing a photographer's portfolio, ask yourself: Is there a trash can in any shots, or does a fence post in the background look like it's popping out of the groom's head? You want someone who catches those spoilers and prevents them from ruining an awesome photo.

3. Prepare Your Pro
Portraits are controlled, but shooting an event can spiral into a free-for-all without forethought. Provide your lensman with pictures of the guests you'd like captured in candids and a detailed list of can't-miss action shots. What you want may seem obvious, but better safe than sorry.

4. Have Your Shooters Scout
If your photographer has never worked at your venue, he or she needs to peruse the place in advance. It's vital for many reasons: to suss out the most beautiful backgrounds; to investigate the power situation (if shooting digitally, he or she may need to recharge); and, most important, to determine how the sun plays off the setting. Remember, in portraiture, lighting is everything!

5. Build in Enough Time
Crafting beautiful imagery shouldn't be hurried. Without careful consideration, the photographer is often at the mercy of the planner, whose goal is to keep things moving. Ask your shooter how long he or she typically needs for portraits, then set the day's schedule accordingly.

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