5 Essential Valentine's Day Tips for Guys

by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House

Don't give a gift card unless it is part of a romantic plan. Bury it in a box of chocolates.Don't give a gift card unless it is part of a romantic plan. Bury it in a box of chocolates.Valentine's Day can be stressful for men. Particularly for newly minted couples. What type of gift do you get? How do you celebrate? What do you do? Here are 5 tips for men during the "made-for-women" holiday.

1. Remember that Valentine's Day is important to her.
Even if she doesn't make that obvious. Like her birthday, this is the day to show her how much you care for her- regardless of if you have uttered "I love you" yet or not. It's also the day for romance. BE ROMANTIC. That doesn't mean spend a lot of money. That means to put effort into making her feel special, loved, and adored.

2. Buy her a card and write something sweet in it.
Say something sweet about how much she means to you, how happy she makes you, what makes you think about her when she's not around. If you don't have a way with words, add a poem or a love quote from someone else. Say that this poem makes you think of her.

3. Buy her a ROMANTIC gift. The #1 gift mistake men make is lack of thought. 
More than anything else, your gift should be thoughtful. Do they value experiential gifts, the gifts of time, or a certain type of present? So what do you give? Something that says something. But here's the key: make sure that you tell her what the gift means to show that you truly put some thought into the sentiment behind the gift. Something that says "I Believe In You"- If your partner is in the process of building a business, give something that supports her dedication to her career, something that says "I believe in you" and "I want to help you bring out and present your best self." Something that says "I Love When You're Happy."- If your partner couldn't be happier than when she is with her dog, when she is on a hike, or when she is cooking, give a gift that celebrates and supports that activity or interest. Have a caricature made of your partner and her dog. Find some retractable hiking poles and a new pair of hiking shoes that replace her worn down favorites. Buy her an awesome gift basket of Sur La Table kitchen accessories. Something that says- "Because You Won't Buy It for Yourself"- If she always talks about how awesome ipads are, but she won't buy one for herself. If she envies her best friend's new stilettos, but feels guilty about spending the money on herself. Get that. It shows your partner that they deserve the little luxuries and that you want to see them smile. Something that says- "Let's Spend More Time Together."- The gift of time and shared experiences can be the most cherished gift of all. Buy a couples spa treatment for you and her. Plan a weekend away at a local hotel. Go kite surfing or kayaking. Organize a trip to NY and go skating in Rockefeller Center. Arrange a hike with a picnic at the top. But don't just give a random experience or one that you really want. Give something that she really wants, but you can do together and enjoy. When you give the gift, write a card that explains the itinerary, why you want to do it together, AND give a little gift that embodies the experience so that they also have a wrapped "present." Because everyone likes a little something to unwrap. Because it's not "just the thought that counts" if you put no thought into it.

4. Take her out to a romantic dinner OR make her dinner at home.
Keep the romance coming! If you don't want to spend a ton of money on an expensive meal out, then make something instead. You don't have to be a whiz in the kitchen in order to make a delicious meal. And the fact is that even if the food isn't great, your effort will outshine the taste. Get a recipe book and make something out of it. More than that, write a little note on the page and give her the book as part of the gift. Of course, don't forget the flowers and a champagne toast.

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Laurel House

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