5 famous guys show their dance moves: we judge

A new study released today reveals the dance moves that turn women on. Researchers at the University of North Umbria assessed the movements of a group of men on the dance-floor and then brought in a group of women to rate their levels of attractiveness. The results were illuminating if obvious: women like it when men use more than one part of the body when dancing.
Good dancers make broad movements utilizing their upper body, neck and torso at once. Fast bending and twisting movements are hot too. In contrast, headbanging or simply waving your arms doesn't do much to arouse the lady sector. Who cares how you look on the dancefloor, right guys? Actually, the study suggests that good dancers send bioligcial signals of superiority. "The outcome matches previous research that shows a preference among women for males who are strong and vigorous and skilled in their motor movements," according to the study.
With that in mind, we pulled up footage of five celebrities dancing. The original study had the women rate the men on a 1 to 7 scale of attraction. 1 being the lowest. So we'll do the same. But feel free to leave your own ratings in the comments section. (Thanks to Ellen Degeneres for providing subjects)

Robert Downey Jr. Comments: good coordination, strong use of multiple limbs, overall, excellent. Rating: 6
Chris Matthews Comments: Well, it was better than I expected. But the movement was jerky, not at all fluid and similar to a panicked teradactyl attempting to escape from a pile of quicksand. Rating: 2
Barack Obama Comments: Solid control of hand gestures, and good upper to lower body movement. Could use a little more neck bobbing. Rating: 5
John Mayer Comments: I wish he'd take this more seriously. But he does seem to have good hand-eye coordination. Rating: 4
Jonas Brothers (yes I'm handling them as one unit) Comments: All arms. Not good. Rating: 1