5 First Date Rules You Should NEVER Follow

Don't fall victim to these 5 outdated dating rules.

You do this, you don't do that, you sit by the phone and you hope he calls. Sound familiar? We're all guilty of allowing others to influence our decisions when it comes to mating and dating. I mean, how often do you find yourself asking your friend is she thinks a certain guy is attractive? Or if a certain behavior indicates if he's into you or totally over you before it's even started?!?

It's been my experience that the best advice is the most logical. Forget what the books OR your mom says. Don't think with your heart -- think with your brain. In life, a lot of similar situations overlap, so what works for one will most likely apply to another.

Rule #1: Just Be Yourself

Sweet, but ineffective. Let's call a first date what it really is -- an audition. I'm not saying pretend to be someone else, but much like a job interview, you need to step up your game. Dress nice, don't swear, make sure you're animated and most importantly steer clear of too much alcohol. The point is to show off your best traits and not expose all your insecurities and flaws until the third date. (Kidding.)

Rule #2: Don't Talk About Your Past

Um, so what are you supposed to talk about then? OK, yeah, going on and on about what a jerk your ex is might be a turn-off, but mentioning you and an ex backpacked through Europe or once went on a cross-country road-trip is pretty harmless. Are we supposed to assume both of you never dated, had sex, broke up with someone or did something completely idiotic that you now regret? OBVIOUSLY you don't need to go into every last detail, but if the topic comes up don't CLAM UP.

Rule #3: Let Him Pay

Sure, your mom is all about this rule, but personally I like to start a potential relationship on equal footing. It's also a great way to get the ball rolling for Date #2 by saying, "Why don't you just pay the next time we go out?" Open doors -- gotta love 'em.

Rule #4: Every First Date Should Have A Hard Ending

Yes, it's nice to leave him wanting more, but if you're having an amazing conversation it seems silly to suddenly say you need to get home (unless you really do). Don't put time constraints on it if you're both in the groove. Besides, games are for kids and are better left in elementary school.

Rule #5: You Need to Wait 48 Hours Before You Call/Text/E-Mail

Why? I've never gotten this rule, and to be perfectly honest, it's only polite to send a short text or email the next day to say you had a really nice time. Does this mean you need to declare your undying love or should feel disappointed if he doesn't immediately write back? Nope -- you're just offering a common courtesy by thanking him, so leave it at that. Where it goes from here I can't say, but if your first night out together was successful, it should feel pretty effortless and not require a half dozen calls to your friends for help in analyzing it.


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