5 Items That Get a Guy's Attention

Icebreakers and conversation starters don't always have to be verbal. Here, five surprising props that can spark a fun interaction with a new guy.

1. Anything With Wheels
A skateboard, a scooter, vintage roller skates-guys get turned on by mobile, adventurous chicks.

2. A Crossword Puzzle
Guys love to show off how smart they are. Look a little stumped and he'll jump at the chance to help out.

3. Tee Shirts That Show Your Sense of Humor
If your top reads "More Cowbell," he will assume you'll be a fun girl to hang with.

4. A Weird-Ass Drink
How about asking the bartender to fix you a Diablo Hell Fire Cocktail or a GoodNight Kiss? (Love cool, tasty drinks? Try one of these Cosmo Cocktail recipes!)

5. A Kindle
Right now, it's the technological equivalent of a puppy: Guys will want to hold it and play with it.

Have you had any luck attracting a guy with a prop, t-shirt, or anything else? Spill your guy-getting secrets below!

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