5 reasons why celebrities make sex tapes

Ray Tamarra/Getty ImagesRay Tamarra/Getty ImagesLeighton Meester, better known as Blair Waldorf of "Gossip Girl," allegedly has a sex tape and a website called celeb-hotline.com got their hands on it. The site claims the tape is 100% legit and that the "Gossip Girl Gets Wild." Ugh. Another one? Don't these girls learn?!

With all the "leaked" naked photos taken from "stolen" cell phones and computers, we wonder how much is done deliberately and whether at this point famous young women should be accountable for themselves and their pasts. Leighton, who was actually born in jail and seems to have had a very interesting upbringing, has just released a new single with the band Cobra Starship called "Good Girls Go Bad." Coincidence?

We've debunked the five reasons celebrities make sex tapes.

1. They're narcissists. If you've ever seen an episode of any Paris Hilton reality show you know she enjoys checking herself out in the mirror. She's also BFFs with the paparazzi since she always wants her picture taken. Why would being filmed in all her naked glory be any different?

2. They're impressionable young girls. At an age of experimentation and coming into your own sexuality, a little persuading from a hot guy with a video camera might be all it takes to take it off in front of the lens.

3. Peer pressure/publicity. Kim Kardashian had a tape and was asked to be a guest on "Tyra" to talk about it. We've seen everyone from Cassie to Disney's Vanessa Hudgens to possibly Rihanna take their clothes off and they all got loads of attention for it and no serious repercussions. Despite the initial embarrassment, perhaps making a sex tape isn't a bad career move.

4. They're just having fun. Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee may have released the tape to get attention (and make a ton of money), but neither of them have an ounce of ambivalence on the tape. They take turns shooting, shout "I love you" about 50 times and are unquestionably having a great time.

5. Some of these celebs may never be able to get behind a camera. Porn could be their directorial debut!
(OK, we're kidding on this one. Kind of.)

With digital cameras and web cams and camera phones so readily available, we fear these celebrity scandals will be popping up more and more. When they know it's only a matter of time before someone unearths their intimate moments, why do you think stars continue to make sex tapes? [TMZ]