The 5 Rules of Double Dating Etiquette

Double dating has its own set of rules!
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When it comes to double dating, what you do doesn't matter so much as who you do it with. Finding another couple that the both of you are mutually comfortable with, and actually want to be around is a rare find indeed. That being said, there are definitely a few cardinal rules of etiquette when it comes to double dating, in order to keep that other couple interested in going out with you both again.

If you and another couple you're friends with are about to go on your first double date together, here are some tips to make sure that all goes well:

1) Make Sure to Talk to Everyone

The point of going on a double date is not to talk to your date alone. You can do that on a date by yourselves! To avoid any awkwardness, talk to everyone and make sure nobody feels left out. If three of you are having a great time and one person isn't, it can't really be considered a successful outing. Plus, over the course of the night it won't take long for the rest of you to really start to feel the excluded person's bad energy growing.

2) Choose an Activity That's Good for a Group

This isn't really etiquette so much as it is general double dating advice, yet it's important enough to gain inclusion on this list. In sticking with the theme of the first tip, choosing a date that includes something that the four of you can do together is an important rule to follow in order to make a double date a memorable one. If you haven't caught on by now, the tacit golden rule of double dating is making sure that all of you feel included, and that you all enjoy each others' company.

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3) Limit the P.D.A.

P.D.A., otherwise known as "public displays of affection" are generally considered okay, just don't overdo it. A quick kiss or holding hands are what couples do and are a sweet show of affection. However, the surest way to make your double date go awkward as fast as possible is to stick your tongue down your significant others' throat. It's a bit much. Rein it in.

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4) Watch the Drinking

Going for a few drinks is always a sensible option on double dates considering it allows all of you to loosen up and have some good conversation. Whether it's over dinner or at a bar though, make sure that you're not getting rip-roaring drunk that is unless everyone else is too. Few things can end double dates quicker and in more sour fashion than one person not being able to hold their liquor while everyone else is asking you to keep your voice down.

5) Avoid Arguing at all Costs

This includes the person you're on a date with, your friend, and your friend's date. In other words, no arguing with anybody. Friendly arguments and disagreements occur in conversations and that's fine, however if it escalates past a certain level of friendliness, it can cause everybody to start to feel awkward. Arguing with your own date about something personal is another surefire way to make the other couple never want to double date with you guys again. If you have something really bothering you, to save the night, wait for another day.

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Double dating is a luxury many couples don't have, and finding another couple to go on these outings is something to be treasured. Follow these tips to make sure you get to enjoy some more.

Have you been on a fabulous or horrible double date? What happened? Do any of you have any other rules that should be included on this list? helps people find happiness in the right relationship. If you've been through a breakup, divorce, or just haven't been able to find happiness in your love life, come to BounceBack to tell your story, get community support, and find the confidence and strength you need to move forward. Check out our Facebook page.

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