5 Secrets Every Woman Keeps

We all know the male mind is mysterious. But turns out we women have a whole lot of "he just won't understand" secrets ourselves. What do you think? Any of these sound familiar?

1. Everything we buy for ourselves - shoes, a skirt, even just stuff from the drugstore - really costs 20 percent more than we say. Just because it's a classic sitcom plot doesn't mean it isn't true.

2. We actually think about sex - with you! - a lot. Sometimes we think about it all day long. It's just that by the end of the day we're too damn tired to do anything about it.

3. We're just as nervous about commitment as you are.True, many girls grow up dreaming of Prince Charming, the white wedding, and happily ever after. But we're human, just like you, and when it comes down to the reality of tying our life to another person's, we get scared, too.

4. We may be modern and independent, but we still want you to be "the man." We do want you to be sensitive, caring 21st-century males, but even the most ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners woman still wants to feel taken care of by her man somehow.

5. Our ex-boyfriends were not completely terrible in bed.You know how we're always telling you things like, "Oh, yeah, you're definitely the biggest I've ever had," or "No one does it like you do"? Um, yeah. Well, we may have been stretching the truth just a teensy bit.

Here, 7 more shocking secrets that guys don't know. (but we do!) . Any others to add to the list?


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