5 sexiest Monopoly versions ever

Sticky Fingers and Hot Lips are replacing the wheelbarrow. The limited edition game based on the Rolling Stones' musical career is the latest incarnation of the Monopoly. Considering there's already versions for horse-lovers, Kiss fans and Lord of the Rings larpers, it's no surprise. Monopoly lovers aren't just fans, they're fetishists. And they're not afraid to take the multiple pieces of cardboard, metal and strips of colorful paper to the bedroom.

Chocolate Monopoly

When Irving wants to turn Cathy into a puddle of desire (No, I don't regret going there) he breaks out the $600 solid chocolate version of the game released in 1978 at Neiman Marcus. If there are any remaining versions, they're likely inedible. But an M&M's themed version still exists. Side note: the people who purchased it also purchased Season 1&2 of Moonlighting, Leslie Sloane's 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk, and the widescreen edition DVD of Shall We Dance, starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. Thanks Amazon.

: "Your objective is to build as many pleasure parlors as possible while providing top notch "service" for your special customer. Once you've obtained a sex monopoly in the business of pleasure, you'll be able to buy ultimate happiness in the form of a special fantasy with your lover," according to bedroom-games.com. Nothing says love like paying for sex. And silmultaneously not paying for an expensive new board game. This homemade version employs a standard monopoly board and a passion for the oldest business.Then players are asked to write down a list of 20 different "pleasuring services" ranging from "sensual touching and kissing to more intense or elaborate stimulation up to and including different sex positions." There are other instructions, but this is about as far people usually get.

Betty Boop Monopoly: If you were born in 1924, drool over a woman in a garter, and think the show "The Honeymooners" is NSFW--in other words, if you're the Monopoly man--this racy game will knock your suspenders off. The iconic smut-sanctioned cartoon character inspired pieces shaped as lipstick, motorcyle and clappboard. Betty Bucks are exchanged for property.

Juicy Couture edition: Attention frat guys who turn into bumbling idiots when high-maintenance sorority girls wear sweats with the word Juicy on their butts: this game is your Viagra. Pieces include a hand bag, evening shoe and Yorkie. And the word juicy--the sexiest word in the whole English language-- is written on all of the properties!

Vinyl-n-fishnets-opoly: Weird fetish alert: this sexytime outfit is part rotund, mustachioed, Monopoly Man line drawing and part trashy French maid costume. For $54, you get this polyester package comprised of an "elaborate game board dress, top hat, collar, faux-leather spats and petticoat." I mean, I guess I can see it if your commitment to the game is of a Trekkie fan caliber, and you can't even fathom making the look from scratch because your only boards are glass-encased limited editions.