5 Signs a Guy is Toxic

Watch out for these signals.Watch out for these signals.It can be hard to read a new guy at first-some men come across like Ryan Gosling early on, only to morph into Charlie Sheen down the road. But Lillian Glass, PhD, author of Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable, swears you can avoid shady dudes if you keep an eye out for these body-language cues.

By Korin Miller

He Might Be a Serial Cheater If...
...He won't meet your eye. Guys who have a history of cheating often ooze signs of deception, like refusing to meet your eye, smiling at other women when you're talking, or being vague about details.

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He Might Be Insecure If...
...He touches you a lot. Men who aren't comfortable with themselves can be too needy, and touching your arm, shoulders, and back a ton subconsciously signals that he's trying to grab onto you. These guys often look down a lot, too.

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He Might Be Controlling If...
...He's in your personal space without being invited. Controlling dudes also tend to be loud and make big body movements to indicate that they're calling the shots (in their minds, at least).

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He Might Be Selfish If...
...He walks in front of you. Guys who charge ahead subconsciously signal that they expect you to keep up with them. Not walking anywhere with him? Keep an eye out for preening gestures, like smoothing his hair back a lot or sneaking glances at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Also, be wary of men who say "I" a lot-it's a sign that he's No. 1 on his priority list.

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He Might Be The Jealous Type If...
...He stares at you a lot. Meeting your eye is one thing, but possessive dudes will make eye contact that's a little too intense. This is a sign that he subconsciously feels like you belong to him.

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