5 Things You Should Never Do on Valentine’s Day

This year skip the flowers and mushy cards and steal these tips to make your guy wish V-Day happened every weekend. Embrace your inner bad girl and break the traditional rules this year.

1. Don't Say It with a Greeting Card

Save the long gushy love poems for your wedding vows. Telling him you choo-choo-choose him was cute in 7th grade, but a cheesy card just doesn't cut it past puberty.

Instead: Sext Him Your Late-Night Plans to Celebrate

Use this opportunity to channel your sex goddess. He'll be so excited with your naughty outline to undress him that you won't need to say another word all night. These sexy texts will entice him.

2. Don't Sit Around Waiting for Flowers

There is no reason to stay home watching reruns of Jersey Shore on the most romantic day of the year - even if you're expecting a "surprise." Remind him that you're the independent type who always has something going on and he'll try even harder to impress you.

Instead: Go Out to Brunch with Your Friends

Just because V-Day falls on a Sunday doesn't mean you should lie around all day waiting to see your guy. Why miss out on weekly girl talk when there are unlimited mimosas with your name on it?

3. Don't Seduce Him with Your Year-Old Fragrance

Your guy may love your scent, but over time perfume loses its ability to get him all hot and bothered. Trying something new, like Kim Kardashian's trademark fragrance, $35, will drive his senses wild.

Instead: Pick a Scent Just for the Bedroom

The area of the brain that processes scent also rules emotion and memory, so you can turn him on with a scent that he associates with your naked bod. To spice things up, find a hot new perfume that you can test out tonight. Spray it on your neck, wrists, and knees to excite him every time he smells it.

4. Don't Make Reservations at a Four-Star Restaurant

A candle-lit dinner is one way to set the mood - if you're into being a total cliché. Save yourselves the overpriced food and skip the so-called romantic hotspot for a more meaningful place.

Instead: Hit Up Your Favorite Date Spot

Pick a place that means something to you (like your first date or the place with the best wings in town) and enjoy a special, hassle-free night where you can spend dinner reminiscing - instead of figuring out which fork to use at some pricy bistro. Or seduce your guy with one of these recipes by Katie Lee.

5. Don't Buy Him Cupid Print Boxers

We get it: Every time he wears them, he'll think about you ripping them off. But our undies are just more fun to play with.

Instead: Make His Fantasies Come True

Surprise him with a Victoria's Secret gift card and a note that says "You pick." He'll never mind shopping with you again.

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