5 Thoughtful (and Cheap) Gifts for Your Significant Other

Creative Gift Ideas Posted by James Lane for BounceBack.com

This Christmas season is finally upon as, and instead of relaxing and spending time with our loved ones watching the fire, we are instead stressing out over ingredients in our cookie recipes, which house to eat Christmas dinner at, and most importantly, what gifts we are to buy for our significant other.

Aside from stressing over gifts, we are also stressing over money. When we go to the shopping mall or department stores and see the price tag next to certain items, we think to ourselves, "I am not spending 200 on a tie clip!" We spend hours and days (some even months) thinking about the perfect gift to give our boyfriend or girlfriend; a gift with meaning and thought that is special and personal. It is almost impossible to find something personal anymore, so why not make it yourself?

Here are a few ideas for gifts you can give your partner on Christmas that are both thoughtful and cheap.

1. A Picture. I don't know about you, but I always find giving a picture in a frame is a great personalized gift. It's a wonderful way of picking out one of your favorite moments with this person, finding the perfect picture, and framing it. It is a gift that they can use, well see, every day, whether they display it on their mantle, bedroom wall, or even their nightstand. And, with all of these new creative applications online and on our phones, you can really personalize the picture, make a collage, or even a calendar. Get creative with it! Because they say a picture says a thousand words. Make one of those words "love".

2. A Mix Tape. Well, I guess nowadays a mix CD or an iTunes playlist. Just like pictures, music is a great reminder of the memories you and your partner have shared. Make a playlist of all the songs you both love, the songs that remind you of them, the songs that have meaning, and then add a few songs by Salt N' Pepa, because, let's be honest, who doesn't love "Push It"?

3. A Coupon Book. I know, I know, I know. This idea is pretty stale. If my significant other ever gave me a post it that read "One Free Hug" I would break up with them on the spot - well, after I got my free hug, of course. Even though the idea of a coupon book is cliché and trite, try to mix it up and customize it. Make ones that say "You get to pick the movie tonight", "I will cook you anything you want for dinner", or "I will go shopping with you". Really think about your boyfriend or girlfriend when making these coupons. Remember, be creative!

4. A Poem/Song/Story. As a "writer", this is my go-to gift usually when I want something thoughtful and, well, free. It is a great way to express your feelings. And don't worry if you cant write - it's the thought that counts, and your partner will love it no matter what. Sit down at your computer, open up a blank document and write a story about the day you first met, a poem or song, or even a list of the "Ten Reasons I Love You". Anything you write will be appreciated and valued and kept forever.

5. A Scrapbook. This is similar to the picture frame idea, but a great way to make a photo album or scrapbook full of mementos from your courtship. Perhaps you have kept every ticket stub from every movie you've seen together. Or maybe a book of matches or beverage napkin from your first date. Be resourceful and artistic with this one!

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your last minute gifts. And remember, don't stress about anything. The holidays are a time for you to be surrounded with the ones you love, and that quality time is the best thoughtful and free gift there is.

Happy Holidays!

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