5 Ways to Still Find Your Summer Love

Oh, summer lovin'. There are still a few weeks left of summer, so if you're in the mood for romance, here are some of my last-minute tips and dating advice to help you along.

If you're interested in finding a serious relationship, be open to all of the possibilities. Outdoor cafes are filled with patrons, convertible tops are down, and it's time to tune up your flirting techniques and jump back on the cyber-dating saddle.

With this in mind, here's my dating advice for those who are enjoying the heat of the summer.

1. Dress for success. Appearance counts online and offline. After all, isn't it your goal to turn that online romance into an offline relationship? Spend an afternoon spring-cleaning session in your very own closet. Recycle a dress or pant suit in your closet and make it your first date outfit.

2. Sensual scent. Try a fresh new perfume or cologne to wear on your first date. Hopefully your date won't be allergic and will find your sexy scent appealing enough to graduate to a second date.

3. Turn on your webcam. Many online dating sites now offer webcam or video chat as part of their features. Go ahead and put on your lipstick and comb your hair. Remember to smile. It's show time. By using video chat, your potential honey will know it's the real you and not your younger sister. This will prevent that disappointing look one receives when the photos of their cyber-dates don't match up in real life.

4. Renew and refresh. If you've let your online dating account expire, go ahead and renew your membership. Refresh your profile with new photos and a new catchy screen name. Need a little help? Check out IRRESISTIBLE profiles, and we'll help you in your quest to find love online.

5. It's a numbers game. We know that online dating can be a lot of work and is time consuming. So is finding your dream job and working out at the gym. Allocate an hour a day every day to your online dating site. Respond to, or write to at least five online profiles every day for one week and see what happens. Check out who's viewed your profile or added you to their favorites or hot lists and send them an email. Initiate the conversation and you may find someone who will be so flattered to hear from you.

If you are lucky in love and meet the one online, be sure to let me know. It's always great to hear about the success stories.

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Julie Spira is a dating expert and the author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Visit her at CyberDatingExpert.com