5 weddings ruined by the unexpected crasher

No he doesn't have an invitation to Katy and Russell's wedding, but this is his house! (ThinkStock Photos)No he doesn't have an invitation to Katy and Russell's wedding, but this is his house! …
Memo to wedding planners: holding a reception on a tiger sanctuary may not be the best idea. Newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand had a close call during their garish Indian wedding on Saturday, when a man-eating tiger tried to crash their event. The giant cat, drawn to the sound of a great party, actually scaled the walls of the reception and landed only 50 feet from guests before being chased with sticks back to captivity by hotel staff.

"This particular tiger has killed before. It came into the compound at 11pm, with the party at its peak, and caused pandemonium among staff," one local official told The Sun.

Can you blame the cat for crashing? The party was thrown on his front yard, after all. But not every bride and groom push their luck as much as Katy and Russell. Some are just dealt a band hand. Consider some of the biggest crashers in wedding history, and be happy you weren't invited.

The crasher: last week's dinner
Simone Sprenkeler had the kind of bachelorette party she wishes she could forget. A week before the big day, her bridal party treated her to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Seven days later everyone in attendance was in the throes of a nasty case of food poisoning. Bridesmaids took turns on the porcelain throne during the pre-wedding prep. And when the bride made it to the altar, she threw up while saying her vows.

The crasher: a horse
Let's agree: non-human species make terrible wedding guests. British bride Sophie Clarke expected a classy affair when she ordered a traditional horse-drawn carriage to drive her and her father to her ceremony. During the ride, the horse got squeamish in rush hour traffic and bolted, over-turning the carriage. Instead of bringing her to the reception, the ride took the bride to the hospital. She was treated for minor injuries, but the mood was killed--thanks in part to her "something new": a neck-brace. The wedding was rescheduled, and this time the horse is not invited.

The crasher: A police squad
Twenty minutes after 53 year-old John Lucas said I do, he was taken down to the police station in handcuffs. A Louisiana police officer posted outside the reception hall told Lucas' son, a groomsman, to lift his baggy pants up. The order came not simply from the police, but from the wedding reception hall whose dress code mandate is strictly enforced. A scuffle between Lucas, his son and the officer ensued. Pepper spray was allegedly used and backup was called. Pretty soon, the groom ended up behind bars. And bride, no doubt, ended up in tears.

The crasher: Mother Nature
Rain on your wedding day? Try a twister. Just as one Virginia couple were saying their vows, guests spotted a roiling twister approaching their outdoor ceremony. Second after their "I Do's," the ceremony was cut short as guests dogded for cover. Their tent was tipped and glasses, DJ equipment and table cards were whipped into disarray by the tornado. The guests' wedding attire may have ended up soaking wet, but the cake miraculously survived. It was as good an excuse as any to pick up the pieces and keep on partying. So they did.

The crasher: A thief
Just mail the gifts, please. That's what one couple wished they'd requested. During a ceremonial wedding breakfast at a hotel in England, the bride and groom greeted guests, and pointed them to the gifts table. Unwittingly, a thief also found the table. She'd simply walked through the hotel lobby to the party and walked out with a sack full of toasters and fondue pots, no doubt. How did she fool everyone? No one knew if she was with the bride or the groom's party. "A few guests recalled seeing this woman standing at the presents table during the meal but just assumed she was a fellow guest because of the way she was dressed," the bride, Helen Woods, told the Daily Mail. "We still don't know how much she took and it is very embarrassing having to phone round all our friends to ask if they bought us a present so we can check it off the list."