6 Celebrity exes YouTube is desperate to reunite

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are not back together, says John Mayer. Thanks for the update. That's fine with me. How many people even wanted them to reunite? About 52,000. That's my totally unscientific estimation based on the number of views their tribute video got on YouTube.
Sure he's a fickle opportunist and commitment-phobe and she's a damaged dater in need of a commitment, but remember all those times her rubbed her back on that one vacation they took? Celebrity break-ups are really hard for us non-celebrities. And some are just impossible to get over. In fact, some people (who make and watch tribute videos) are still holding out hope for the following former twosomes.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz: Both blond, both sporty, how will they ever find a better match?

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson: This video is called "A Perfect Couple". It's one of countless tribute videos posted as recently as last year beseeching the Ken and Barbie of our generation to patch things up.

Lance Bass and Reichen Lemkhul: Maybe not trailblazers in their careers, Lance and Reichen
were pioneers as a publicly out and proud couple in the entertainment industry. Too bad they didn't last.
We'll always have these sepia-toned memories.

Liz and Max from the '90s WB show Roswell: AshleyLynn724 has made two videos of the fictional
couple from the canceled teen show of yesteryear. This one "concentrates on their
turbulent ups and downs as a couple." She goes on to say: "As the fans of the show know, Max and Liz
never had it easy with their relationship, but they kept going back to one another." Time for a reunion
show, people. Lets get some wedding bells and an alien officiator stat.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: If only Kim could put aside her fast-paced career of sitting on a sofa
and holding up weight-loss products at boob level, then maybe she and Reggie could finally make it work.
But she does owe it to the fans to pose in one-piece bathing suits with the hips cut out. So maybe she's
just too selfless to allow her own relationship to thrive. So when you think about it, we are all responsible
for their break-up. Especially you, guy who bought her workout video.

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro: How did this relationship fail? Dave and Carmen if you're listening,
take this opportunity to reflect on all the good times you had that week in Vegas, with the boas and the
endless bottles of Alize and the matching tattoos and the mother-daughter stripper team and the piercing
in a weird place that ended up requiring an emergency visit to a specialist just outside of state lines and
the implement used and the smell. Good times.