6 Cute and Sweet Little Gifts To Give To Your Significant Other Out Of The Blue Just 'Cuz

Somebody wise once said the secret to happiness is having constant fun treats. You don't need the excuse of Valentine's Day, a birthday or an upcoming anniversary date to give a fun romantic gift to your significant other.

Never underestimate the power of a sweet little gift that comes out of nowhere with no ceremonial strings attached. A small, thoughtful gift spurred by romantic spontaneity can completely turn around a bad day for the recipient. For the giver--just the act of giving works wonders as well! Plus, relationships with a lot of mutual giving are much more likely to last longer than couples who only think about their own self-centered needs. Talk about major win-win.

1. A sweet treat. Who doesn't love free sugary goodies? No matter how old you are, a cookie, brownie or a donut that comes out of nowhere is sure to make your significant other smile. (It definitely does for me!)

2. A mini-houseplant or herb plant in a pot. Flowers are awesome and everything--it's just too bad they're gone after a week or two. A mini house plant, on the other hand, can lasts for months with proper watering and sunlight, and brighten any room. If it's a basil plant or a mint plant, the leaves can also provide fresh herbs for your significant other's cooking (and your future home-cooked romantic dinners).

3. An actual photograph you can hold in your hands. With the immense popularity of free online photo albums, there is almost no reason to physically print photos anymore. Go retro by printing out a cute couple photo that your sweetie can actually pin on the bedroom wall, or frame it in the living room, or stick on the refrigerator.

4. A useful home appliance. One of the most thoughtful spontaneous gifts I recently received: much-needed outlet plugs for my new studio apartment from my boyfriend. Major AWWW! Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend needs something for his or her living space--CFL lightbulbs, extension cords, batteries, a kitchen scrubber, whatever--but just hasn't gotten around to getting it. And you can fill in that need out of the blue because you are just so darn thoughtful and sweet like that.

5. A song or album or two. Music always makes for a great picker-upper. Your relationship always needs a new song to its never-ending soundtrack--and you can be the one to share with your significant other a happy one.

6. A book from the library that your significant other has been meaning to read. Has your other half been meaning to pick up Malcolm Gladwell's latest book or some other recent bestseller for months but just hasn't gotten around to it? Pick it up from the library and offer to return it when it's done.


Written by Yumi Sakugawa for Intent.com

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