6 Lush Wedding Flower Ideas

Beautiful colors, interesting textures, and unique shapes-greenery, alone or accented with a few blooms, can create exquisite arrangements with major impact.

Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet A Desert Display
Petite earthy oases wend their way down the table, making for intriguing centerpieces. Succulents, lotus pods, air plants, and moss lay a foundation of green, purple, and gray shades. Lighter hellebore, fritillary, and lady-slipper orchids punctuate it. After your reception, pot the succulents in soil to decorate your newlyweds' nest and remind you of your special day for years to come.
Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet Wild Wall
Here, we made a verdant wall using lush houseplants (various ferns, begonia, variegated croten, and dieffenbachia) potted in recycled-plastic planters that were hung with small screws. Consider enlisting a similar one as a ceremony or photobooth backdrop.
Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet Bountiful Bouquet
Lush leaves provide a rich base to play up the colorful petals of ranunculus, anemones, chocolate cosmos, lotus pods, and viburnum berries.

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Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet High-Wire Act
Ideal for a venue with beams or low ceilings, or a porch setting where you can screw in a few overhead hooks, this cluster of suspended arrangements hung with twine frees up table space below-and it's both elegant and easy. We started with three house- plants (tradescantia, selaginella fern, and jade plant) and added purple blooms of ranunculus, brodiaea, pansy orchids, and clematis. To prevent wilting, place flowers in water tubes, then push them into the soil.

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Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet Ivy Accents
Vivid clematis display their purple- and-fuchsia petals, while small puffs of scabiosa and tiny, delicate jasmine mix with tendrils of grape ivy and clematis leaves. Pansy orchids complete the romantic bouquet.
Photo: Sylvie BecquetPhoto: Sylvie Becquet Take-Home Terrariums
Mini terrariums-fashioned by nesting air plants and succulents in white sand within bud vases-make great favors. Better yet, they can be assembled weeks in advance. Add watering instructions-and a sweet parting sentiment-on "take care" cards.
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