6 Reasons Every Woman Should Be a Tiger In the Bedroom

With everyone buzzing about Tiger Moms and the new books Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Tiger in the Kitchen, it got us thinking that we we should be channeling this jungle cat in the bedroom too. Next time you hook up, tap into your animal instincts and get a little naughty with these moves that will make him-and you-purr with pleasure.

By Zoe Ruderman

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Get Loud Have you ever heard two wild animals getting it on? No? Well, they're not exactly worrying about what the neighbors will think. Moan whenever he does something that feels good and say these two words as you climax. (No need to feel self-conscious or porn star-ish; men tell us all the time they love knowing they're pleasing you.)

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Pounce Him When the Urge Strikes OK, we know the title of this article is "Be a Tiger in the Bedroom", but beds don't exist in the wild. Let your guy know you need him right here, right now by attacking him as soon as you walk in the door. Shed your clothes then strip him down and do it up against the wall.
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Use Your Claws Drag your nails down his back, scratch his chest, and dig those talons into his butt. Studies have found that the threshold for pain is higher during arousal, and a little bit of roughness can even intensify his climax.

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Go Into the Wild
Doing the dirty outdoors will make you feel totally uninhibited. And the change of scenery (ie, no phone, no laptop, no clutter, no distraction whatsoever) will make it easier to relax and enjoy yourself. Think of it as staycation sex.

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Plan a Sneak Attack Most guys assume that if they don't get booty before getting out of bed, a.m. sex isn't happening. Surprise him by waiting till he hops in the shower then positioning yourself-naked-on the edge of the sink. When he pulls back the curtain, he'll be thanking god you're a morning person.

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Have Primal Sex
The Bloodhound Gang were onto something when they sang, "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel". So channel your inner naughty mammals and have him enter you from behind while you're both standing. Then slowly bend over, grab his hands and place them on your breasts. To really blow his mind, turn your head around and make eye contact.

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