6 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid on New Year's Eve

6 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid on New Year's Eve6 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid on New Year's EveWhether single, married, or divorced, the holiday stress can get to any woman. It's the gift buying. It's the pressure to entertain. It's meeting his parents and traveling. For many single women, the stress comes along when bombarded with questions about "what's his name." Whatever happened to him anyway? They ask. You'll be hiding behind the Christmas tree all night. It's no wonder we make mistakes during the holiday season. It doesn't matter if you have a black belt or are a mother of four, women freak out during this time of year. I've made many mistakes. I've become crazy-dramatic.

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The craziest relationship blunder I made was rekindling a romance with an ex from college. Yup, I'm talking about Mr. Big Man on Campus. It was an off-and-on relationship for years. On December 31, 2008, we were back on. It should have stayed off. But there's something about the holidays, particularly New Year's Eve, that blinds us. So don't do what I did. Click through for 7 common relationship blunders women make during the holidays!

1. Reuniting with an Ex
According to a "Plenty of Fish" study, women tend to reunite with their exes during the holiday season. Something about Santa and the start of a new year gives us a longing to connect. So we think about the past and the ex and say, "Why not?" Why not? Because he's your ex. You broke up with him for a reason!

2. Hooking Up With a Co-Worker
Holiday or New Year's parties can be fun, but they can also lead to a disastrous work situation. And I'm speaking from experience. When I was a teacher, I made out with a coworker like a college student on spring break. I was single, but he wasn't. Major fail on my end. So, watch your alcohol intake at your work's holiday party lest you be the ho, ho, ho they trash-talk all night.

3. Facebook Stalking Your Date
Facebook stalking strikes again! The same POF study discovered that 82% of single women monitor the Facebook activity of someone they are dating. This will only lead to drama. Do yourself a favor, and stay off his Facebook. You'll see photos of him and another woman, and think he's stepping out on you. But it's just his cousin he's hugging.

4. Professing Your Undying Love
New Years Eve isn't only about a midnight kiss. Women get a bit reflective and begin to contemplate their relationship and where it is going. That's fine. We should all look back to learn about the last year. That way, we do better the next year. What we shouldn't do is allow the pressure of the new year to turn us into emotional crazies. Do not profess your love. Do not ask him to marry you. Do not give ultimatums. It's the champagne and exhilaration talking!

5. Pressuring Your Man
Whenever my family gathers, I feel pressure to be married. Everyone is coupled up. They all ask if I am dating someone, when I will get married and settle down, and if I want to have children. Because if I do, my time is running out. We feel the pressure, and we pressure the man in our lives. It's not the way to get a proposal.

6. Having Lofty Expectations
Every year, I hope I will be with the love of my life during the holiday season. I imagine us kissing at midnight and waking up together on New Year's Day. But that's not my reality. And I blame Hollywood for thinking otherwise. These false expectations, these romantic promises, they are the core of romantic movies. They lead to disappointment. It doesn't mean we shouldn't dream. What we should do is live in the moment, hope for that happy ending, and no feel down if we haven't gotten it just yet.

-By Sujeiry Gonzalez

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