6 Things Girls Shouldn't Wear On The First Date (If They Want A Second One)

By Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe.com

My guy friends read a post on "10 Things Guys Shouldn't Wear On A Date" --which meant that last night I was subjected to a LONG list of what girls should never wear on first dates.

Some of their suggestions are obvious. Some I disagree with. And some I've definitely been guilty of in the past.

From the mouth of babes boys...

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1. Harem/Hammer pants
Ok, I can see how guys would maybe not find this the most attractive look. I was a little surprised to see this on the list though--how often do girls actually wear these on dates?

2. Sneakers This made the man list, too: Apparently no one should wear sneakers on dates. But women's sneakers can be really cute! Some adorable Converse? Keds? As a woman I hate this rule! But maybe everyone should save the sneakers for later on in the relationship...

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3. Too Much Jewelry
How much is too much? Hard to say, but I was assured that going to a date overloaded with jewelry is a definite turnoff. Maybe because men are subconsciously afraid they'll be expected to start contributing to the jewelry collection?

4. Padded bras
"The preview should match the movie. The movie is boobs." Yes, a guy actually said that last night.

5. Bad eye-makeup
Sometimes, I do a bad job on my eye makeup, but I leave the house anyway cause I figure, "Whatever, no one will notice." Wrong! Apparently guys notice, and it's a big turn-off. Awesome.

6. Empire Waist
When my friend brought this up, he actually said "Emperor waist," but I knew what he meant cause he followed it up with "You know: Those clothes that make girls look like they're pregnant." This isn't surprising to me; as much as I love the Regency period, I stopped wearing those when an ex referred to an empire cut shirt as my "maternity wear."

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So guys know a bit more about women's clothing than I'd imagined. Still, I have a feeling that if Gisele Bundchen showed up for a date wearing an empire waist shirt and hamme pants, guys wouldn't be too turned off, so take all of this with a huge grain of salt.

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and like yourself. And if this means girls (and, begrudgingly, guys) wear sneakers on the first date, so be it.

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