6 Things that Would Make Me Give Up Sex for 6 Months

When a person is single and sexually active, there is sometimes a desperation to one's sex life. It's as if sex is somehow an oasis in an otherwise dry desert and you must travel again soon. You never know when the next water source will appear, so it's best to capitalize on it NOW.

Of course, once you have been married for a certain period of time or happily ensconced in a long-term relationship, you do start to take it for granted a bit. When you're basically living on top of a water source, the need to drink seems to dissipate a bit.

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This is why a recent survey showing that 18 percent of Americans would be willing to forgo sex for six months if it meant they could have their bills paid for one month doesn't surprise me.

In all seriousness, it's a sad statement on our economy and all that, but it's also just not really that HUGE a sacrifice. I love sex as much as the next person, but I would give up sex for six months for a lot less than that, my friends. I mean, don't tell my husband or anything (hi honey!), but seriously, a week's worth of massages? Hello! I could easily forgo sex for roughly 100 days for that shite.

Here are 6 things I would also give up sex for 6 months for:

  • A month of a personal chef: I love to cook, but as a working mom, I don't always feel like I have time to cook the way I want to. If I had someone come in every night and make delicious, wholesome meals for me and my family, I would happily forgo sex for a half of a year.
  • A few pairs of really good jeans: I don't know why, but I keep ripping my jeans. This doesn't please me, especially when I buy fairly pricey jeans. So I would give up sex happily for five pairs of perfectly tailored, sturdy, skinny jeans that fit well, look hot, and last.

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  • Weekly massages with good childcare: I run 35 miles a week, so I often have very sore and tight muscles, but getting in to my massage therapist is very challenging between work and children. If I could get a weekly massage, I would gladly give up sex for six months.
  • A reprieve on whining: If my kids would listen to the word "no" and stop whining for even one month, I would trade sex for six months. Seriously, are you listening genie person who is granting these wishes?? This is a biggie!
  • Comfortable heels: I have dozens of pairs of shoes and not one of my really high heels is also comfortable. If I could have one pair of 4- to 5-inch heels that actually felt good on my feet, I would skip sex for a six-month period. Hear that? ONE PAIR!
  • Clear coffee: I love coffee, but that stuff makes your teeth look old before their time. For a new clear coffee I could drink while my teeth stay white, I would say sayonara to sex for a little while.

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All right. It looks like I am joining the club of sex skippers. Honestly, I am surprised it's only 18 percent!

What would you give up sex for six months for?

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Written by Sasha Brown-Worsham on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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