6 Totally Weird Boyfriend Behaviors!

There are some things we'll never understand about guys-that doesn't mean we can't laugh about their strangest quirks! Check out these baffling boy behaviors Seventeenreaders shared about their BFs!
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1. Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud

"Sometimes I hear by boyfriend talking to herself. I'm never quite sure if I should respond..." -Nia, 15

2. No Comprendo
No Comprendo

"My boyfriend doens't know much Spanish at all, but he calls me 'hombre'! He has no idea what it means and only uses it when he talks to me. It used to bother me, but now I think it's super-cute-even though I still don't get it!" -Lindsay, 17

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3. Ex-snooze You!

Ex-Snooze You!

"My boyfriend randomly falls asleep all the time. Sometimes we'll be Skyping, and he'll be awake one second, and then suddenly fall asleep in the middle of the next sentence. No doctor has been able to explain it
-he just has bizarre nap attacks!" -Lauren, 18

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4. Fashion Fail
Fashion Fail

"My boyfriend has the ugliest bright yellow sweatpants that he insists on wearing at least once a week. Sometimes, I try and give him hints that I don't like them, but he doesn't seem to get it. He thinks they're sexy!" -Alison, 14

5. So Unapoopriate
So Unapoopriate

"I totally don't get this, but my boyfriend calls me 'pooface' as a sign of affection. I guess it's because his parents call each other 'poo'? It's a little strange, but I guess it's cute!" -Louis, 18

6. Navel Grazing
Navel Grazing

"My boyfriend has a really odd obsession with my bellybutton." -Melissa, 18

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