6 True Wedding Day Disaster Stories

Just be glad your wedding didn't look like this...

By The Editors of WeddingChannel.com

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1. Slip 'n' Slide

"Our DJ wanted our wedding dance floor to look nice, so he waxed it...a little too much. One of my bridesmaids fell down during our entrance to the reception, and everyone was slipping and sliding all night on the dance floor and had to take off their shoes." -- Melissa

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2. Car Trouble
"Our getaway car wouldn't start! The battery was dead, because the groomsmen had 'decorated' the car and left the light on inside. So while everyone was standing around with their sparklers and we were ready to get to the hotel, we just sat there! We had to grab jumper cables and give it a jump." -- Julie

3. Father Flub
"As we were heading over to the venue to put on our dresses and take pictures, we realized my dad was missing. He had gone into the other room to take a quick nap and ended up falling sound asleep. He had locked himself into the room, and us out of the room where the keys to the car holding all of the dresses were located. Needless to say, we were late, and my mom was not laughing." -- Jaimee

4. Choking Guest
"My husband is a doctor, and we had more than 20 doctors at the wedding among our guests. Unfortunately, our best friend and maid of honor's boyfriend actually choked on a piece of steak just as someone was beginning his toast. Rather than interrupt, he jumped up and ran out of the room without telling anyone and asked the bartender to do the Heimlich, even though he was sitting two feet from a table of doctors. He was fine, and it was nothing a cocktail (from the bartender who saved him) couldn't fix." -- Emily

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5. Allergy Alert
"My mom is very allergic to wheat. Two of her best friends brought over a breakfast casserole, and not knowing there was breading at the bottom, my mom began to eat it. Minutes later, her face blew up and her tongue swelled, but my dad (who is a doctor) came to the rescue. We were all crying, but after her episode subsided everything was fine. She still looked absolutely stunning; you would never have known, and we can laugh about it now." -- Allison

6. Moment of Silence
"After our first kiss at the ceremony, we turned to walk down the aisle, and the music didn't start, because the organist couldn't see us! So we just started walking, and our guests filled the silence by clapping. The organist finally started playing when we reached the end of the aisle." -- Anne

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